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How is effect success rate calculated?

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aka why does Gae Bolg never instant kill when it really matters.

For skills that apply a status: hitRate + successRateBuffs - debuffResistance
For instant death: hitRate * deathRate * (1 + successRateUp - successRateDown - instantDeathResistUp + instantDeathResistDown)
Taunt always works. There's a number but as far as I can tell it's not actually used.
For else: hitRate

HitRate is the chance listed in the skill or NP.
DeathRate is the servant's own vulnerability to instant kill. (Mooks have it somewhere in the 80%-100% range, servants and bosses usually have it at 1% or less)
SuccessRateBuffs is stuff like Item Creation and Mental Interference.
DebuffResistance is stuff like Magic Resistance and Bravery.

Petrify, Bind and Stun cannot be placed at the same time. Charm can share space with those three, oddly enough.

Updated January 9th, 2019 at 02:03 PM by Kyte



  1. Siriel's Avatar
    So Alter has the lowest chance of being insta-killed of all Servants? That's surprising.
  2. Aedra's Avatar
    But the skill only tell us hitRate as low, medium and high :v

    There's no data such as % for each?
  3. Kyte's Avatar
    Go to hell I'm not working on this 24/7
  4. mewarmo990's Avatar
    aww, buff/debuff chance doesn't affect Death? boo.
  5. Kyte's Avatar
    They added code to add Death Resist and Death Immune effects tho.
  6. Aedra's Avatar
    Hi Kyte,

    Do you have deathrate for enemies?

    I've been wondering... whether there is anything in common regarding deathrate for enemies or not.. (like Type / Lv / Rarity such as bronze frame, silver frame, gold frame etc... )

    For example, this collabo event, I felt zombie/ghost monster type deathrate is roughly 100%, while doll doesn't.
    Updated February 28th, 2016 at 05:37 AM by Aedra
  7. Kyte's Avatar
    Grab fiddler or wireshark and check yourself, that data comes down the wire.
  8. Aedra's Avatar
    oh... ok thx! good to know that.
  9. Aedra's Avatar
    deathRate from server

    Basically have to catagorize into 3 different groups

    1. By Rarity (Any Class, excluding other groups)

    General Monsters
    Copper Frame 80%
    Silver Frame 50%
    Gold Frame 20%

    Hand (EXP) and Door (QP) in dailies
    Copper Frame 100%
    Silver Frame 80%
    Gold Frame 50%

    2. By Type (Any Class, Any Rarity)

    Servant 0.1%
    Shadow Servant 10%
    xxx soldier 100%
    Pirate 100%
    Skeleton 100%
    Zombie 100%
    Pirate Zombie 100%

    3. Special Monster
    White Chimera 10%
    Wyvern Origin 10%
    Demon 1%
    Dragon 1%
    Spriggan 1%
    Fire Book 50%

    some servant as different rate such as 0.3%, 0.4%, which is minor and only in story anyway.
    *note2: I believe Fire book had its coding error. Fire book is copper frame, while its bros are all silver frame (Thunder,Ice,Wind book) and have dR of 50%
    *note3: can't find rate for Archdemon, Centaur Knight, Centaur Paladin cuz I can't find them anymore after past event.

    so far, from dante event all monster share the same death Rate as collected before.
    Wyvern Origin = 10%
    Ghost (Big one from day7 boss) = 1%
    Dante (Avenger) = 0%
    Updated April 14th, 2016 at 06:26 AM by Aedra