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Mining for Bits

Buffs Currently In The Game

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Name Detail Buff Cap Skills
Quick Up Increased Quick Card Power 500% Crossing Arcadia, Murderer of the Misty Night, Primal Runes, Riding, Shukuchi
Arts Up Increased Arts Card Power 500% Elemental, Fox's Wedding, Protection of the Muses (False), Territory Creation, Thaumaturgy
Buster Up Increased Buster Card Power 500% Dangerous Game*, Enchant, Mad Enhancement, Power Burst, Power Burst (Pumpkin)
Star Attraction Up Cards Attract More Stars 10000% Aesthetics of the Last Spurt, Blessings from the End of the World, Collector, Combination, Eternal Arms Mastership, Maou, Restraint, Self-Modification, Sickly, Single-Mindedness, Wisdom of the Abyss
Star Rate Up Increased Critical Star Rate 500% Bellerophon*, Clairvoyance, Dan No Ura - Hassoutobi*, Knightly Tactics, Märchen Meines Lebens*, Planning, Presence Concealment, Protection from Wind, Protection of the Spirits, Saint's Gift, Secret Intel, Sense of Subtle Elegance, Voyage
Star Rate Down Reduced Critical Star Rate 500% Blasted Tree*, Information Erasure
Gain Stars per Turn Adds Critical Stars Each Turn N/A Innocent Monster, Revelation
HP Regeneration Recover HP Each Turn N/A Beautiful Princess, Honor of Suffering, Luminosité Eternelle*, Märchen Meines Lebens*, Saint, Sansan Nikkou Hiruyasumi Shyuchi*
Poison Lose HP Each Turn N/A Yew Bow*
Burn Lose HP Each Turn N/A Dragon Breath, Overload, Power Burst (Pumpkin), Tenshin Kasyou Zanmai*, Wicker Man*
Curse Lose HP Each Turn N/A Báthory Erzsébet*, Báthory Halloween Erzsébet*, Five Hundred Years of Obsession, Gae Dearg & Gae Buidhe*, Gohyaku Rakan Fudarakutokai*, Requiem for Death*, Rhongomyniad*, Ticking Bomb*, Unreturning Army*
Attack Up Increased Attack 500% Bloodbath Crown*, Bravery, Charisma, Combination, Crest of Stars, Dragon Witch, Goddess of Affection, Imperial Privilege, Instant Reinforcement, Knight of Honor*, Magna Voluisse Magnum*, Mechanized Armor, Monstrous Strength, Märchen Meines Lebens*, Phantom Maiden*, Pirate's Honor, Reinforce All, Sadist, Saint War Order*, Stalking, Strategist's Command, Voyager of the Storm
Attack Down Reduced Attack 500% Athanaton Ten Thousand*, Chaos Labyrinth*, Eye of the Euryale*, Fleur-de-Lis*, Love Spot, Mata Hari*, Prelati's Spellbook*, Requiem for Death*, Sabotage, Support Magic, Sword of Paracelsus*, Tri-star Amore Mio*, Unlimited Blade Works*
Power Up [Anti-Beast] Increased Damage vs [Beast] Enemies 500% Beast Killer
Power Up [Anti-Evil] Increased Damage vs [Evil] Enemies 500% Executioner
Power Up [Anti-Human] Increased Damage vs [Human] Enemies 500% Human Studies
Power Up [Anti-Roman] Increased Damage vs [Roman] Enemies 500% Oath to the Goddess
Power Up [Anti-Dragon] Increased Damage vs [Dragon] Enemies 500% Dragon Killer
Damage Plus Deal More Damage N/A Divinity, Goddesses Divine Core, Strategist's Command
NP Power Up Increased NP Damage 500% Military Strategy, Military Tactics, Natural Born Genius, Overload, Voyager of the Storm
NP Power Down Reduced NP Damage 500% Eye for Art, True Name Discernment
NP Charge Rate Up NP Gauge Charges Faster 500% Blossoming Journey, Galvanism, Golden Rule, Pride of the Rearguard, Shield of Rousing Resolution, Single-Mindedness, Tactics, Tengu Art of War
Critical Damage Up Increased Critical Damage 500% Blessings from the End of the World, Discerning Eye, Human Observation, Independent Action, Instigation, Maou, Marksmanship, Mind's Eye (False), Rune Magic, Self-Modification, Wisdom of the Abyss
Critical Chance Up Increased Critical Chance 500% Aesthetics of the Last Spurt, Bellerophon*, Blessings from the End of the World, Bucephalus*, Clairvoyance, Collector, Combination, Crest of Stars, Crocea Mors*, Dan No Ura - Hassoutobi*, Eternal Arms Mastership, Golden Wild Hunt*, Innocent Monster, Instinct, Kazikli Bey*, Knightly Tactics, Maou, Märchen Meines Lebens*, Performance Continuation, Phoebus Catastrophe*, Pioneer of the Stars, Planning, Presence Concealment, Projectiles (Dagger), Protection from Wind, Protection of the Spirits, Queen Anne's Revenge*, Restraint, Revelation, Saint War Order*, Saint's Gift, Secret Intel, Self-Modification, Sense of Subtle Elegance, Sickly, Single-Mindedness, Tada, Ayameru Nomi*, Thermopylae Enomotia*, Tsubame Gaeshi*, Vitrification, Voyage, Wisdom of the Abyss
Critical Chance Down Reduced Critical Chance 500% Blasted Tree*, Information Erasure
Defense Up Increased Defense 500% Ascalon*, Chariot Of Boudica*, Divine Protection, Goddess of Affection, Guardian Knight, Helm of Hidden Infidelity, Imperial Privilege, Imposing Stance, Innate Demon, Lord Chaldeas*, Luminosité Eternelle*, Mind's Eye, Mind's Eye (True), Märchen Meines Lebens*, Natural Born Genius, Protection from Arrows, Rebellious Nature, Stoutness, Strategist's Advice, Thermopylae Enomotia*, Transformation, Wall of Fleeting Snowflakes
Defense Up [Anti-Dragon] Increased Defense vs [Dragon] enemies 500% Dragon Killer
Defense Down Reduced Defense 500% Athanaton Ten Thousand*, Caladbolg*, Chaos Labyrinth*, Dimension of Steam*, Dragon Breath, Durindana*, Fleur-de-Lis*, Gae Bolg*, Innocent Monster, Instigation, La Grondement Du Haine*, La Mort Espoir*, Lament of the Falsely Living, Laus Santo Claudius*, Mata Hari*, Mumyou Sandanzuki*, Nine Lives*, Nursery Rhyme*, Pheromone, Photon Ray*, Requiem for Death*, Sadist, Saint War Order*, Smile of the Stheno*, Stalking, Support Magic, Tarasque*, Torture Techniques, Unreturning Army*, Wicker Man*
Damage Cut Take Less Damage N/A Lord Chaldeas*, Saint, Strategist's Advice
Avoid Reduce Damage to 0 N/A Emergency Evasion, Harp of Healing, Mind's Eye, Mind's Eye (False), Mind's Eye (True), Murderer of the Misty Night, Protection from Arrows, Protection from Wind, Wisdom of the Abyss
Sure-Hit Bypass Avoid State N/A Havesh Anima*, Sense of Subtle Elegance
Invincible Reduce Damage to 0. Cannot be bypassed by Sure-Hit N/A Beautiful Princess, Dust of Osiris, Hazy Walls of Chalk, Luminosité Eternelle*, Mechanized Armor, Self-Preservation
Mind Debuff Chance Up Increased Chance to Apply Mental Debuffs 500% Grace of God, Mental Interference
Debuff Chance Up Increased Chance to Apply Debuffs 500% Item Creation, Item Creation (False), Voice of Panic
Debuff Resistance Up Increased Debuff Resistance 500% Goddess of Affection, Goddesses Divine Core, Magic Resistance, Pain Breaker*, Protection of the Faith, Rune Magic, Saint, Self-Suggestion, Transformation
Poison Resistance Up Increased Poison Resistance 500% Stoutness
Attack Debuff Resistance Up Increased Attack Debuff Resistance 500% Innate Demon, Innate Fitness
Mind Debuff Resistance Up Increased Mental Debuff Resistance 500% Bravery, Martyr's Soul, Mental Interference, Migraine
Attack Buff Chance Down Reduced Chance to Apply Attack Buffs 500% Rebellious Nature
Debuff Resistance Down Reduced Debuff Resistance 500% Caladbolg*, Christine, Christine*, Pirate's Honor
Charm Incapacitated N/A Alluring Voice, Charming Youth, Eye of the Euryale*, Fleur-de-Lis*, Mata Hari*, Pheromone, Smile of the Stheno*
Petrify Incapacitated N/A Mystic Eyes
Bind Incapacitated N/A Divine Judgement
Stun Incapacitated N/A Blasted Tree*, First Folio*, Gae Bolg Alternative*, Gandr, God Force*, Gohyaku Rakan Fudarakutokai*, Golden Spark*, Lament of the Falsely Living, Luminosité Eternelle*, Proof of Friendship, Sansan Nikkou Hiruyasumi Shyuchi*, System Keraunos*, Tenshin Kasyou Zanmai*, Unreturning Army*, Voice of Panic
Guts Revive and Heal Upon Reaching 0 HP N/A Battle Continuation, Indomitable Will, Natural Born Genius, Performance Continuation, Philosopher's Stone, Pirate's Honor
Taunt Attract Enemy Attacks 5000% Beautiful Visage, Guardian Knight, Imposing Stance, Pride of the Rearguard, Shield of Rousing Resolution, Thermopylae Enomotia*
Skill Seal Cannot Use Skills N/A Evil Spirit Exorcism, Flucticulus Diana*, Havesh Anima*
NP Seal Cannot Use Noble Phantasm N/A Five Hundred Years of Obsession, Flucticulus Diana*, Rhongomyniad*
Dragon Trait Anti-Dragon Effects are Applicable N/A Ascalon*
Power Up [Anti-Male] Increased Damage vs [Male] Enemies 500% Whimsical Bond
HP Recovery Up Increases the Power of HP Recovery Effects 5000% Romance of the Sea Foam
Invincible Pierce Bypass Avoid and Invincible States N/A Pioneer of the Stars
Power Up [Anti-Divinity] Increased Damage vs [Divine] Enemies 500% God Slayer, Tenka Fubu A
Power Up [Anti-Undead] Increased Damage vs [Undead] Enemies 500% God Slayer
Power Up [Anti-Female] Increased Damage vs [Female] Enemies 500% Maria the Ripper*
Max HP Plus Increased max HP 5000% Dangerous Game*

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  1. kevin.w's Avatar

    The latest test shows that EA's buff is valid now.
    Updated September 4th, 2015 at 05:13 AM by kevin.w (error pic)
  2. wkdtn201's Avatar
    buff cap? what is it?
  3. wkdtn201's Avatar
    no Time-Obscuring Wall of Chalk
  4. Nuclear Consensus's Avatar
    It's translated here as Hazy Walls of White I think.
  5. Kyte's Avatar
    Yeah, Wall of Chalk is Wall of White.

    There's spoilers in the explanation so yeah.

    Why I went with that

    Yeah that's the one. It came that way because I didn't like any of the translations and Falla, Reiu, Ruru and I spent a couple hours discussing it. Falla was convinced it was a reference to Seven Sisters, Sussex (Famous for their white color due to being made of chalk rock. Personally I thought it was a reference to the White Cliffs of Dover which are p much the same (Dover is supposedly where Arthur & Mordred fought)), and somebody (Cruor I think?) mentioned that the walls of castle Camelot were mentioned to be white at some point.

    Falla and Reiu (IIRC, this was like a week ago) said the literal translation was more or less "Occasionally hazy walls of chalk" and that hurt me in the soul just to read.

    So in the end I kinda dropped the 時に (that's the occasionally). I assume 時に+煙る (verb meaning to smoke or to be hazy) is how chaldeum came up with Time-Obscuring (or Wavering, in the current translation).

    Between all this info and considering Mashu's HS identity as Galahad I figured it was a at least two references rolled into a single name so I went with something less literal.
    Updated September 4th, 2015 at 08:26 PM by Kyte