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Grand Order Servant Wallpapers, Batch Two!

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...Enough whining about my love life. TYPE-MOON Ace (It is TM Ace, right?) has graciously provided us with full body artwork of several of our new (and not so new) Servants, and you know what that means.

That's right! It's wallpaper time!

But first, a few notes about this batch. First, since the Servant image files come from magazine scans (and are thus obviously not my work, since I have zero patience for cropping these things), there are small white lines left over from the cropping process. Fortunately, these files are ludicrously huge, so being reduced to around twenty-seven percent of their original size hopefully doesn't have that big an impact on the overall final product.

Second, though I would love to make wallpapers for D'Eon/Marie/Brynhild/etc., I'm not really that well-versed when it comes to Photoshop, and so I am dependent on whatever material other people have of them.

Third, I tried to go with less obvious art for the background because I found that sometimes the colors don't really work out with the Servant's color scheme (re: Mephistopheles and Arjuna) and also because Google Images wasn't giving me good enough art of these characters.

Finally, no matter how much clothes Boudica gets, her design is still unspeakably boring and her first form is irredeemably bad, but I made a wallpaper of her anyway. Same goes for Jackie the Stripper.

And now, without further ado...
Allahu Snackbar

Apo's Best Non-Girl


Provisional Caster

Become a Real Boy/Girl/Whatever

Evil Blood Sister Number Two


YOLO Genderbend

Mount Fuji



I hope you enjoy using these wallpapers as much as I enjoy making them!


  1. Christemo's Avatar
    Man that Ozymandias art is so bitchin', I can't wait for him to be unlocked. Thank you for making these!