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Making custom (typemoon) prints on fabric

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Steps for those curious or who want to make custom typemoon prints on fabric:
I plan to make a Gil themed skirt at some point so I'll post pics when I do. It will probably be awhile before I do post any pics.
I'm sure there are plenty of other tutorials online so check those out too.
Be aware, fabric paint is a bit stiff.

Stuff you'll need:
-image or idea of what you want to paint
-fabric paint
-additional white fabric paint if fabric is dark colored.
-freezer paper
-sponge brushes
-pre-washed fabric or clothing item
-pens/pencils to draw stencil with or printer
-scissors or x-acto knife.
-cardboard to put underneath fabric or between layers.

Step 1- Making a stencil: Draw your image on the matte side of the freezer paper. (You can also just print it via a printer. Just tape it to reg. printer paper. I've always drawn mine so do this at your own risk. ) Silhouettes and outlines work best. This is for a single color layer. Do not use complex images; they don't work well with this method. I plan to use command circles and character silhouettes.

Make multiple stencils if you plan to do multiple color layers. Also, go light to dark for the paint layers. And if your fabric is dark, do a layer of white fabric paint first. It will help display the color properly.

Step 2- Cut your stencil out: Use your scissors and/or x-acto knife to cut out the areas you want to paint. If your images has inner parts (ex. a circle within a circle), make sure to live little bridges between sections.

Step 3- Place shiny side, of the freezer paper, down onto fabric and press the iron, on the matte side of freezer paper, for about 5 secs (it doesn't take long) in various sections of stencil. Make sure all corners are firmly stuck to your fabric and iron again if needed. (Don't pull stencil up when checking or you might have to re-make the stencil.) You don't want any spots that paint can leak under.

Step 4- Place cardboard between layers/underneath if you haven't already done so. If your fabric is a dark color, you'll want to first do a layer in white before you do your color. This helps the color display properly. Put a little fabric paint onto your sponge brush and dab paint, with stabbing motions, onto the areas for the print. (You want to use vertical stabbing motions because it doesn't leave paint strokes. ) You can remove the freezer paper at this point or you can wait til its dry. (It just lifts up.) Do any touch-ups for missed areas (ex. the bridges) Let dry (you can hurry it up a bit with a hair-dryer but be careful or it might crack.) for a couple hours. Do any additional layers if needed. (Ex. Color over white or 2nd layer of same color.)

Note: Carefully pull it the stencil up if you want to re-use it. It doesn't always stay intact and it sometimes doesn't re-stick so you might end up having to re-make it anyway.

Step 5- Do any additional stencils/paint layers & let dry.

Step 6- After everything is dry, turn your fabric inside out/flip it and iron the opposite side. This helps set the paint so you can wash it later. And voila, you have a custom print.