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Ditched Fanfic Ideas: F/TN - The Servants, Part One

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Too bad Raff, Imperial asked to see the Servants of Fate/Terra Nullius so you're getting another blog post. And it's too long to complete, so I guess more are coming soon.

It's worth noting that since I was revising this roster constantly for nearly 4 years before this blog post the line-up obviously went through many iterations. By combing back through old files and revision histories I've determined that this following is basically what I would consider the "definitive" form of the Servant list. The final roster had many others I'm loathe to mention since I may still use them at some point so this is the roster I'm comfortable posting.

I'll just give the list and spoiler tag abilities or details under the individual characters or something.


Uther Pendragon
- Character Sheet
- One part of the Arthurian subplot, Uther would have inevitably mistaken both Mordred and Jeanne for his own daughter Artoria, and an emotional family confrontation between himself and Morgan le Fay seems like it would have been inevitable.

- Character Sheet
- Due to the facial similarities and Jeanne's own preferred use of her sword, Modred would have had a deep mistaken hated for her, initially assuming her to be Mordred's own father.
- Originally the Sword of Peace NP was a Bounded Field of Enforced Mercy in which no party could perform violent acts. It evolved into the heart stabbing oath upholder over time when I decided that simple enforced peace was a bit dull. As Apocrypha hadn't been announced as a LN yet there was no Clarent beamu since I wanted to differentiate Mordred from Artoria.

Jeanne d'Arc
- lolsaberclones amirite? Despite her lack of connection to, or interest in, King Arthur at all she still ends up tangled in his family mess due to looking like the Once and Future King
- Saber Jeanne would have been heavily influenced by the guesses made about FSN Saber before it was revealed she was a genderbend, when it seemed almost everyone suspected she was Joan of Arc. Her sword,
Shameful Blade of Five Cruciforms
, is rendered invisible due to a holy blessing that was bestowed upon it to hide Jeanne's shame, that she had broken it when punishing a prostitute for her ungodly ways. Upon revealing it the blade glows with a holy light and then makes a divine beamu to destroy those who oppose God. After Apocrypha Online details came out, the beamu became a wave of cleansing spiritual flame fired from the sword, sort of a hybrid of Artoria's and Gawain's beamus. Rank C flaming sword and Rank A firebeam.
- She also had a Rank B Banner NP that would raise the ranks of Parameters and certain skills for her and all allies within visual range, but if destroyed would invert the bonuses due to lost morale
- After the Apoc Online details I naturally appended La Pucelle as a rank A++ suicide attack, along with altering how Fierbois operated.

- Character Sheet
- A basic chivalrous knight Saber. The idea was that he would use Oliphant to save his Master, who would then use the vast amounts of prana to summon a new Servant, a shitty wraith Saber because it's subverting the system.

Tomoe Gozen
- Character Sheet
- The weakest of the Sabers, it is inevitable that she would have been forced to use her Severing NP after her Master was killed, and would be forced to contract with a new Master. Most likely to be the "protagonist" Saber had F/TN proceeded as a regular story instead of a quest.

Rhydderch Hael
- Character Sheet
- As can pobably be guessed by the sparse nature of his character sheet, I didn't have any amazingly exceptional ideas for this guy, beyond him using his flame protection to surprise survive people like Jeanne, Arjuna and Manco Ccapac.
- His "sword of white fire" was initially going to be a blade of actual solid flame that would spring from the hilt on command and could cut through basically anything. Yeah, Rhydderch would have had a lightsaber for a sword. Probably a double-bladed one like Darth Maul had, just to be fucking rad. Witten off as some advanced Babylonian tech he'd inherited from Divine Spirits or something. He would have had a real sci-fi feel to him, most of his "magic" and "special techniques" just being sufficiently-advanced-technology.

Fergus mac Roich
- Wikipedia article
Prismatic Blade of Glory
was obviously this guy's Noble Phantasm. A prismatic blast of light emitted from a blade, I wanted to try to incorporate some of the lore from Caladbolg II into it so it was going to be a relic utilising fragments of the Second Magic, Kaleidoscope. By twisting this world into other surrounding parallel worlds along a projected path, the sword would inevitably ensnare and destroy everything twisted into the beam. So it was linked to Caladbolg II's space-twisting effect, the Kaleidoscope Gem Blade's rainbow beam attack and would neatly explain why EMIYA has distorted the blade so much in projection that he even renamed it Caladbolg II; he was unable to replicate the proper functions of the Kaleidoscope element, twisting the normally straight blade itself in the process.
- A bawdy and rowdy man, Fergus and Beowulf would have gotten along well, while Jeanne would have despised his lascivious nature.
- Originally this spot was fo Siegfried, who had twin blades, Nothung and Balmung, with one being a demonic dragon killer and the other being a holy beamu blade. Then Apoc Online came along, and I decided to replace Siegfried since he bored me.

- Character Sheet
- Originally conceived as a bare-handed grappler in the Striker class, he shifted over to Saber when I filled up the Striker class due to too many ideas.
- The character sheet is a more recent version. In the original design he would have had four NPs: Hrunting, Jotunnfrost, Naegling and
One Score & Half
Strength of a Man's Fists
. The swords were rank C, B and A respectively but Hrunting wouldn't work on anyone with a Magic Parameter higher than its own rank, Jotunnfrost would melt away a fixed duration after initially being called upon and Naegling was his default non-Phantasmal blade, only revealing its true power, a Rank A Dragon Killing Strike, by utilising it as a Broken Phantasm.
- Strength of a Man's Fists was basically like Achilles' FITE ME IRL, stripping him of his armor and weapons and doing the same for his chosen foe.

  • Discarded: By far and away the most stable of the rosters, the only time this lineup ever changed was that I swapped out Siegfried for Fergus mac Roich after the infomation about the Apocrypha game was released. Seeing as how I had no less than 6 Invincible Servants (Siegfried, Achilles, Herakles, Estfandiyar, Duryodhana and Karna) it was no great loss.
  • Surprisingly middling in terms of power compared to other classes, there was no real "monster" to speak of within the Sabers. Beamu was kept at a minimum.


- Character Sheet
- One of the goals of F/TN was to have quite a few Servant that "broke the rules" as such. Since Tamamo-no-Mae had done so, I figured it was fine for Scathach to do so as well. Gave her a skill relating to how she ascended beyond human though, making her unreasonably expensive for upkeep since she was a powerful Caster as well.
- Originally possessed a third NP, The Witch of War, which was the version of her ascension to an undying state before I made the Personal Skill instead. Basically, it meant that every time she died she was revived into a different class with new NPs, most based on shadows and stuff. Caster would have had a Fortress of Shadows RM, Archer would have had heart-seeking arrows crafted from the same leviathan bones as Gae Bolg, Rider would have possessed the Chariot of Arianrod (one of the Thirteen Treasures of the Isle of Britain, said to be able to transpot someone anywhere they wanted instantly) and Saber would have had dual blades of solid shadow that fired weaker versions of what was essentially a Black Excalibeamu. This NP was later grafted to Odysseus in a modified form.
- Main rival was Odin, a fellow Lancer/Caster who had even better rune magecraft but a crappier lance (since Gungnir was inferior to Gae Bolg), but would have had to deal with Berserker Cu as well as Assassin Cu, all very confusing for her. Eventually Odin got shifted to another class and lost Gungnir but the rune rivalry would have been maintained.
Gae Bolg: Seven Heads of the Torturous Spear When the spear is thrust or thrown it strikes up to seven targets seven times each.
The Witch of War: Battle of the Undying Shadow When Scathach is killed she will rematerialise as another class with different Phantasms/skills until she's cycled through all nine.

Saint Longinus
- Character Sheet
- Not originally a genderbend
- Longinus, while an overall weak Lancer, was vital for the role of Invincible Slayer. Since there were originally six Servants with high grade invulnerability (Herc, Achilles, Estfandiyar, Duryodhana, Karna and Siegfried) and 4 of them had Divinity, the idea was that although he couldn't hurt them, his Divine Lance could remove them from the battlefield for a few hours to a few days, allowing others to kill their defenceless Masters.

Celtchar mac Uthidir
- Wikipedia article, and one about his spear
- A somewhat amalgamated character continuing the trend of Irish Lancers, he obviously had horrible Luck
Gae Celtchar
Venomous Slumbering Spear
was his basic NP, and didn't have to be verbalised. His spear was covered in a powerful toxin that would incapacitate and lower Parameter ranks upon injuring a target. Once invoked though, the venom would boil off and the spear would become
Gae Celtchar
Luin of Blazing Destruction
, which burned with intense heat and when thrust forward would spit nine lances of fiery light from its tip.

Fionn mac Cumhaill
- Wikipedia article
- Based on the guy we see in Diamuid's flashback, but obviously much younger. His healing hands and magically-granted wisdom make him prized as both a warrior and a lifebringer, but the story would toy with the undertones of jealousy and darkness within him that led to Diarmuid's death.
- His Noble Phantasm is Gae Eigem, meaning the Screaming Spear. It is a sonic spear, chiming when it strikes a surface, and disrupting the molecular stability of the material it strikes. The screech of it also acts as a form of mental interference, disrupting spell chants and other skills that require concentration and focus.
- Also possesses a magical bag known as Ustedbolg of the Fianna, which was said to possess the weapon of every warrior of the Fianna within it. He could draw them out or fire them in volleys of up to four or five at a time, like a slower Gate of Babylon. The contents were much more limited and didn't return unless he collected them, and most were ordinary weapons brought up to Rank E NPs by the Noble Phantasm, but there were some extraordinary weapons in there he could pull out and use freely, like both of Diarmuid's spears, as well as his swords.
Gae Eigem - The Screaming Spear Physical strikes make the spear emit a screech that distracts others, downranking skills requiring conscious thought one Rank, as well as AGI and LUK.
Gae Eigem - Death Scream of the Gored Sonic shockwaves are unleashed in a concussive ranged attack, or explode outward in a sonic boom whiplash along the path of the thrown spear.
Ustudbolg of the Fianna Magical bag with all the weapons of the Fianna as Noble Phantasms Rank E or greater, can fire them similar to GoB or UBW.


- The Queen of the Amazons who accidentally killed her sister, the former queen, and was killed by Achilles during the Trojan War.
- Originally intended to be a saber clone for the joke of Achilles falling in love with her as soon as he sees her face after he killed her, but that got messy with the Arthurian Family Matters subplot so it was scratched. And then with changes to Achilles it would have been invalidated anyway.
- A distinctly low-tier Lancer, she had the spear that killed her sister as well as the Golden Girdle that Herakles had claimed as one of his Labours. Also, due to the Roman transforming her into Camilla, a mythological woman who accompanied Diana the huntress, she had a low-grade NP that made her extra fast and agie so that she could almost keep up with Achilles. There was a weird love subplot in which Achilles was trying to make up for killing her previously and she would have none of it.

- Originally pegged as a Berserker, then changed to a Lancer. Then I decided it would be amusing to have his NP be the Armor of Achilles. Not the magical second set, the first set that he originally wore. And it would turn out that this Servant isn't actually Achilles, it's Patroclus, his best friend who wore his armour and pretended to be Achilles to rally the Greek troops, and was killed by Hector as a result.
- Probably something about all his stats appearing amazing and him being powerful, until he is hurt. And then as soon as he is injured the sham is revealed, since Achilles had his immortality, and Patroclus would lose all of his bonuses.
- Kind of a weak Servant, but FTN was going to have a system where you have to protect your Servant's identity because if your foe announced your identity then you'd suffer a parameter loss. However, they were only able to make one guess, and if they got it wrong then the temporary parameter loss was imposed on them instead for the duration of the battle. So essentially he'd bait others into declaring he was undeniably Achilles (since his NP actually makes him recognised as Achilles in every way until the truth is revealed) and then capitalise on their weakened stats.

- King of Babylon and Father of Gilgamesh
- The absolute powerhouse Lancer, alongside Scathach. Monster stats due to age and mystery, and the diving blessing of the Anzud Bird was an NP that gave him blistering speeds, including speeding up his healing powers greatly. The same NP also imbued him with fire and lightning, granting him Prana Burst of both elements.
- Minor deity due to being conflated with Ninurta and Nergal, he wields a tremendously heavy iron spear that he uses with his lightning to accelerate like a railgun for destructive throws that can pierce almost anything.
- Lacks the versatility of his son but has insane mobilit and strength to compensate. No EX rank Noble Phantasm, however. He does however possess knowledge of the Tablets of Destiny, sacred divine writings that the Anzud Bird stole from the Sumerian gods and kept in its cave. Not sure what this means for actual application but I'm sure I could think of some sort of use.

Manco Capac
- The founder of the Incan civilisation
- Bears a golden staff with solar imagery and a sharpened tip, which glows with the power of the sun. Can maybe shoot solar laser beams or something, not quite sure, but like Superman he would absorb the solar rays of the sun to power himself, being stronger during the day. Something of an issue in the cities due to secrecy agreements for the Grail War, but out in the deserted Outback he was quite monstrous.
- Could sacrifice his golden staff b letting it sink into the ground to raise up a sacred city, a magical fortress of the sun that would change his role to a defensive one with lots of mystical traps, ambushes and neat stuff like that.
- A powerful solar deity on par with Karna, if not greater. Finally, that Divine resistance clause about facing similar deities has some value.

  • Discarded: Originally the Apoc Karna was to appear here, alongside others that eventually got replaced for various reasons, such as Telamonian Ajax, Sun Wukong, Odin, Hangaku Gozen, Shaka Zulu and even John Henry!


Arash e Kamingir
- The man who fired his bow across the entire Iranian nation, he would be a serious and dedicated Archer with immesurable long-range sniping skills as his specialty, even among other Archers. Aside from his exceptional range he is also known for his speed, able to nock and fire arrows faster than an of the other Archers (except Karna and his astras, fucking Karna). Not a powerful Archer, but a swift sniping one.
The Claimant's Arrow Spans the Nation
is an NP that feeds directly off of Arash's own Strength parameter. Normally an ordinary rank C NP shot, he can exchange ranks in his Strength temporarily to rank up the arrow's own power. By trading three ranks from his Rank C strength he would have a Rank A attack in exchange for temporary Rank E strength. By trading all of his power and nulling his Strength Arash could fre a single shot of Rank A++ through Broken Phantasm, his body crumbling away after the shot is fired.
Blessed Downpour
is his other Noble Phantasm, imbuing his arrows with water energy and trailing jets of water behind each shot.

Ned Kelly
- Character Sheet
- A simple idea, one of the Masters has the bright idea to summon the only Heroic Spirit of the entire land that the Grail War is happening in, granting an exceptional fame boost. It does work, but even with the fame boost Ned is left as an entirely mediocre Archer. Just not enough people in Australia and enough fame elsewhere to bridge the gap of such a modern and shitty Servant.

-It's motherfucking Archer Herakles
-Aside from Godhand and Nine Lives, he also possesses the NP
Lernean Quiver
Blood of the Deadliest Serpent
, coating his regular arrows in painful neurotoxin that locks up Magical Circuits, as well as
Attire as Befits a Lady
a support NP that transfers his Godhand invulnerability to his Master and transforms him into a cute girl. Just because I like the idea of Trap Herk, okay?
-May or may not have lost the additional lives granted by Godhand in the Archer class.

-It's motherfucking Archer Karna
-A powerful rival to Herk, and of course with Arjuna about they can clash once more. Not much to sa here, kind of self explanatory.

Hua Mulan
- Character Sheet
- Due to the nature of the "identification" bonus and her own Information Erasure skill, there would have been a bit of a minor subplot with the Hunter-class Sherlock Holmes continually attempting to deduce her identity so that he could utilise his NP to essentially rule her out, with the evidence constantly fading from his mind. When the class changed to Killer and I eliminated all non-existing fictional Servants, the role would have passed to Eugene Vidoqc in the end.

Robin Hood
- Servant Profile
- Felt that poor Green Archer was underutilised in EXTRA and wanted to use him some more here as a sneaky archer. He and William Tell were constantly swapping back and forth between which one should be Archer and which should be Killer, I never really settled on it.

- Character sheet
- With Scathach originally intended to be the class-swapping reviving Servant with her Witch of War NP, Odysseus wouldnt't have had the Odyssey Noble Phantasm, but would have had Aeolus as a permanent NP so that he could wind-assist his shots.

Zhou Tong
- A master martial artist and archer of great repute, said to have mastered the Eighteen Weapons of War and to have been an exceedingly skilled teacher.
- His rank in Chinese Martial Arts is extremely high, he is a master on par with L Shuwen. Easily able to qualify for many other classes.
- Has a Teacher personal skill that allows him to gradually bring others up in terms of parameters and skills, which he can combine with his Eighteen Weapons of War Noble Phantasm. Because each of hs eighteen unique weapons has a specialised effect or ability and he can give his weapons away freely to his students, Zhou Tong can become quite a force to be reckoned with.

  • Discarded: The Dealer, Genghis Khan, my own hunter-themed version of Atalanta, Eklavya and even Prototype!Gilgamesh. I loved his design and seemingly less absurd Bab-ilu NP and really wanted to include him, but he ended up cut for more interesting new additions over time.



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    I'm talking purely in terms of Divinoty Ranking. Because divinity has that thing where you can reduce the damage of similarly-natured deities of a lower rank than you. But they'd probably both tie up at Rank A Divinity so it's a bit of a moot point.
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