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The Vague Rants of Vagrant

The Struggle Is Real: A White Boy Grappling With Decisions Others Would Kill to Have Available

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Yet another edition of Nobody Gives A Fuck But Words On A Screen Are Better Than Thoughts In My Head!

So currently I'm in Toronto. In November I head to Africa. And then...

And then I have no idea. If I set aside a chunk of my cash for Africa just to be safe then I'll be dipping below $4000 in my savings at the end of it. Probably more like 3000. So now I have to decide.

Stop somewhere to work or go home with a bit of cash so I'm not living paycheck to paycheck?

I can come back to Canada, work for 2 years. I'm sure I can get a job at a bar or a cafe or something unskilled. Head to Vancouver or Montreal and try my luck there maybe?

But then I have to make friends and settle in and buy new clothes because fuck me it'll be Canadian winter when I return and jesus do I have the cash to support me if I struggle with job hunting?

Do I head home to see friends and family? And if Ido then what? In February do I decide to start that 5 year course in Architecture I've been talking about but still can't quite decide if I'm passionate about? That'd require me to move to another city so I wouldn't really see friends and family much anyway but at least I can get student payments from the taxpayers :/

Or do I go home, see friends and family and take a 1 year Diploma of Residential Drafting in my home town, study for a year surrounded by people I know and then at the end of the year maybe go do the architecture or maybe go work in a drafting office

Any one of these choices could have me wake up years downthe road and realise I don't want it, like the moment that caused me to drop my previous job of six years to run around the world aimlessly.

Or they could be really fulfilling and satisfying. Who knows? The paradox of choice, always fun!


  1. Snow's Avatar
    It's funny cause I feel I have the exact reverse case. I started going to architecture school and I often regret not having time to travel, and traveling is something I was always passionate about. I try to comfort myself with the fact that there's always a chance for regret, whatever you decide to do, and that I'm still young and there's still time.
    If nothing else, your travels will help you with arch immensely.