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Fancy Face the First

So I found another timesink

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Nobunaga's Ambition is pretty amazing, but it turns out in addition to the Officer Editor/Creator, they also added a Portrait Editor.

At last my dreams can be realized.

Now I truly am a video game. Too bad I can't use my current avatar, but that's the problem with using a character from the same game as one.

Anyway, obviously this means I have to ask if any of you want to be recreated as officers, and want kind of stats/voices/appearances you want. Also how long you want your lifespan to be, and when you want to be born.

For refrence with regards to stats-
LEA = Leadership
The higher this attribute the less damage units lead by this officer take in battle. Also their morale while under siege drops slower.

VAL = Valor
The higher this attribute the more damage your troops do in battle. Also if your Valor is higher then the enemy Leadership their morale will drop faster in sieges.

INT = Intelligence
This attribute is useful for all diplomacy options. Raising trust with other clans, appeasing tribes, spying on enemy fortresses, finding new ressources in your territory and so on.

POL = Politic
This attribute is for all the development taks. Developing your land, constructing new buildings, constructing better roads and so on. The higher the attribute the faster a construction task gets completed and the higher the rise in development points for crops and so on are.
100 is the max, except for Loyalty, which ranges from a base of 1(Utterly Treacherous) to 15(Undying Loyalty).

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  1. Haseo Nanaya's Avatar
    I look like hisui and am absolutly treacherous. There you go. Hahaha.