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Altima of the Gates

The Gates, they be a closing. Stepping down as admin.

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Elf and Road have given their goodbyes, so I might as well tell you all why I have been languishing in the ether.

Got this new job (yay!) doing receiving at a clothing store (boo!), and the hours have been crazy, requiring me to be there at 5 in the morning loading and processing freight. Our manager up and quit the week after I started due to kidney problems stemming from overwork, and management has been atrocious. Then we have my mother, myself, and brother getting some bad seasonal colds and respiratory infections(processing trucks at 6 with no heat in the garage with an infection is not fun), along with landlord issues,and it's been crazy.
But enough about my whining, the jist of it is that I haven't been on the ball in awhile, so I think it is about time I stepped down and let a new wind rise up. mAc, Seika, Toby, Spinach (yes Spinach even! I kid, I kid), Five, and the rest of our team have things well in hand, and I trust they will pick good people to do a good job.

I have been here since 2006, almost since the site originally launched, and started modding in 2009 when Evo and Uber asked Road/Elf/me to step up, then we had the forum collapse, and then we rebuilt, so a lot has happened. And yeah, while I still love Type-Moon, I haven't been as ingrained in the community as I was before, so it would be unfair to keep my status and not hand it over to someone else more fitting.

To wrap up, I know I wasn't the best member or mod, but I hope I contributed something positive in my time here.

I will still be around for the occasional argument/talk and my insane metaphors, so shoot me a PM if you feel so inclined.

Wow, now that I noticed it, I didn't write many blogs.


  1. Renko's Avatar
    Lots of old Admins stepping down it seems.
  2. Spinach's Avatar
    I was remembered!

    Goodbye, old monarch. Rest easy.
  3. Strange_One's Avatar

    All change? New generation of BL already?

    Mac'n'Seika admin????

    Well. Good luck in work and hope ye can still post without responsibilities of office
  4. Elf's Avatar
    The times, they are a' changing.
  5. Meh's Avatar
    Holy crap.
  6. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    It's the end of an age.
  7. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    See you around, Altima.
  8. Kotonoha's Avatar
    The Sakura trio lives on in my heart.
  9. Ratman's Avatar
    It is the end of an age.
  10. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
    Have yourself a good one, Altima!
  11. DreamsRequiem's Avatar
    wait, what's a sakura trio
  12. Elf's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DreamsRequiem
    wait, what's a sakura trio
    Mike, Altima, and Nerroth.
  13. aldeayeah's Avatar
    Bye Altima. You are one of the last remainders of the time I joined, and you always seemed like a chill guy. Good luck.
  14. Altima of the Gates's Avatar
    Thanks all. It's good to hear the well wishes.

    @Koto - It's dead Jim. Deaden than dead.

    @aldy - Yeah, 7 or so years is a good run.