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FGO Servant Speculations

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Rather than me trying to guess what Servants could show up next or talking about datamined spoilers, I'll just blather about Apocrypha Servants and what I think they might do.

Hopefully showing up in London, and probably a 4-star. Takeuchi would never let Saber's rebel kid stand above her.

Cards are probably the usual QAABB with 2-hit Quicks and Arts with a single-hit Buster.

Skills are probably Instinct first, then Prana Burst and Battle Continuation. Charisma's probably the skill that gets the cut.

Her NP's Clarent Blood Arthur, and is undoubtedly Buster. Probably AoE 400% -> 600%, though there'll probably be an interlude to bump it from a starting 300% and A-ranking. As for the secondary effect, it'll be a chance to stun 40% -> 50% -> 60% -> 75% -> 80%.

I want her to be a 5-star with an awesome NP, but the lack of active skills is damning. Who knows, maybe DW will surprise us with some added/original skills a la Siegfried. In all likelihood, she'll probably be another Caster animation 4-star Assassin ;__;

Cards are probably QQAAB in order to place a dual emphasis on her Caster and Assassin aspects. With luck, she'll get a nice and pretty 3-hit Quick, 4-hit Arts and 2-hit Buster (but she'll probably just get the usual 2/1/1).

Skills are barren when it comes to Actives, with only Familiar (Doves) and maybe Double Summon. Familiar (Doves) would hopefully be an NP gain skill like Animal Dialogue, but could end up a stock Gain 1000 HP and useless Mental Debuff Resistance. Double Summon hopefully gives NP charge and stars; if it's a passive, it could just buff Quick and Arts cards by 15% or something. Maybe she'll get a Poisoning skill that inflicts Poison on the enemy and lets her gain stars or something.

Her NP on the other hand will be great. Hanging Gardens should be a 10-hit AoE Quick NP that makes an asston of stars. Damage is 600% -> 1000% like usual, and stars go 20 -> 25 -> 30 -> 35 -> 40.

A bunch of skills, a reputation as a powerhouse, and an EX NP. Plus he's shiny gold! To not make him a 5-star would be a waste. At any rate, he's guaranteed gold.

Card base is likely QQABB, because he's a Lancer but not a useless bum like Benkei. He'll probably get the usual 2-hit Quick, 2- hit Arts, 1- hit Buster like pretty much everyone else with a weapon that they hit people with.

Skills are very nice. On the passive side he gets A-ranked Divinity for straight damage alongside Riding for his Quicks. The active skills have the ever-useful Prana Burst to buff Vasavi Shakti to obscene levels of murdering things dead, and hopefully the (Flames) part inflicts Burn on them just for that extra bit of schadenfreude. The other two would be Discernment of the Poor and Uncrowned Martial Arts; Discernment seems like a star-generating skill a la Revelation to me that also applies Sure-Hit for 3 turns and Uncrowned Martial Arts could buff his attack by 30%, grant 30% damage reduction and 30% increased critical damage for 3 turns, with each of them scaling up to 50%.

Finally, we have his NP. Vasavi Shakti, the EX beam of killing thing dead will be a single-target defense-piercing Buster NP that makes stars, but also sharply lowers Karna's defense. Damage percentage is 700% -> 1100%, but starts off at 600% until you do his Interlude and bump it up from A++. Stars go from 10 -> 15 -> 20 -> 25 -> 30.

Basically, the whole point is to hit people really hard. But hey, that's what Karna does.

Ah Achilles, another Servant that lucks out with skills. I want him to be a 4-star because A) he's strong and B) he's more famous than Hector. Who knows, though; he might end up being a 3-star anyways.

Card base is QQABB with the usual 2-hit/2-hit/1-hit.

Skills are Bravery, Affections of the Goddess and Battle Continuation. With the attack buffs from his first two skills and his Divinity, Achilles would be pretty much the strongest non-Drake or critically injured Anne and Mary, making him exceedingly useful for sustained offense.

His NP Chariot will probably be a 3-hit AoE Quick with the usual 600% -> 100%, which makes possible Quick Brave Chains hit all the harder thanks to his A+ Riding. The secondary effect is probably stars, but is hopefully something different like a defense lower.

Chiron - NP Spoilers
Hopefully a 4-star Archer to give Emiya a bit of competition, and probably a 3-star alongside David, Euryale, Robin Hood, and whoever the next five Archers will be.

Card base is QQABB, with a 3-hit/2-hit/1-hit distribution.

Skills are good, with the classic Clairvoyance and Eye of the Mind; unfortunately, he can't abuse Clairvoyance like Emiya can since his NP is single target. Wisdom of the Gods offers a number of interesting possibilities; it could be like Imperial Privilege and buff attack, defense, and HP or focus on a different set of skills such as attack, critical chance up, and critical damage up. It would be ideal if Wisdom synched up with his other skills, or perhaps his NP.

Speaking of which, Antares Snipe is a single-target Buster NP that deals 600% -> 1000% and lowers defense. Nice and simple, like the attack itself.

Astolfo, Astolfo, Astolfo, the Best Girl of Fate/Apocrypha. Pity his skills suck too much for him to be a 5-star (unless DW decides to be extra-based and fix him up). A solid 4-star from waifu power alone, but that's not to say he's useless.

Card base is QQAAB, and animations are 2-hit/2-hit/1-hit.

He doesn't have much in the way of active skills, with only Evaporation of Sanity and Monstrous Strength to his name. The latter is a simple damage boosting skill, but the former offers interesting possibilities; my take is Instinct + Mental Debuff resistance, partnering with his A-rank MR to keep Astolfo ironically one of your most focused Servants. Maybe he'll get a third skill ike Alex's Charm since he's a canon feminine bishie.

Astolfo's NP is his Hippogriff, and is a classic AoE Quick NP with 600% -> 1000% damage that generates 5 to 25 stars scaling with Overchargee. However, its real benefit is the party-wide single turn Avoid it grants.

Probably a 2-star Caster. He's not pretty, and he's not a girl, so he's got no chance at high stats.

Card base is the straightforward QAAAB, with resultant Caster animations. It'd be pretty hilarious if DW gave him meticulously animated unique puppet attacks, though.

He only has one active skill - Numerology. Okay, I take back what I said earlier: He's definitely a 1-star. Numerology be useful, though; hopefully it increases NP gain or gives 10% NP charge for 3 turns or something instead of, I dunno, boosting Mental Debuff Resistance for 3 turns.

His NP will be AoE Buster 400% -> 600%. It'll probably look cool and have a chance inflict Stun for a turn and Skill Seal for 3 turns. I'd hope for NP Seal for 3 turns as well, but then he'd approach usability.

Probably a 2-star, but hopefully a 3-star. She's cute, after all, so she has a chance.

Card base is hopefully QABBB, because there's no way she could pull off anything else. As usual, 2-hit/2-hit/1-hit.

Skills are Dread Scream and Galvanism, which are fairly unique. Dread Scream could be an AoE defense lower, while Galvanism increases NP gain.

Hopefully they go with Bridal Chest as her NP, because Blasted Tree would just be too sad for her. If Bridal Chest, then she gets a single-target Buster NP (600% -> 1000%) with a low chance to Stun. If Blasted Tree, then she gets an AoE Buster NP (300% -> 500%) that pierces defense and kills her afterwards; it'd be cool if there was a small chance of her gaining Grit and resurrecting, but that's highly unlikely.

Personally, I'd make her a 1-star so she can keep Mata Hari company. Alas, she'll probably end up a 4-star next to Carmilla, the other ladykilling Assassin.

Card base is a straight QQQAB, with hit distribution being a 3-hit/2-hit/1-hit a la Emiya (but Quick-focused).

Her skills are actually quite interesting, so hopefully DW dumps Mental Pollution for the other ones that are actually useful. Murderer of the Misty Night could increase critical damage and grant Sure-Hit, while Information Erasure clears negative statuses and grants Avoid for a turn. Finally, Surgical Procedures is a simple self-heal; 1000 hp, you know the deal.

Maria is a single-target Quick NP that goes from 1200% -> 2000% with a chance (60% -> 70% -> 80% -> 90% ->100%) to instakill women that scales with Overcharge.

Amakusa - NP Spoilers
Now this one takes more thought. Unlike Jeanne, Amakusa has more than one Personal Skill, so his role is in flux. In terms of rank, he's hopefully a 5-star (for the prestige) but could also be a 4-star (so I actually have a chance of rolling him).

Card base would be QAAAB due to his Caster-like Nature. His animations would be unique, with a series of sword slashes before an energy blast (3-hit) for his Quick, a barrage of spell blasts (3-hit) for his Arts and a single overhead blow with his katana for his Buster (1-hit).

His skills would have a more offensive bent than Jeanne's with Charisma providing offensive power and Baptismal Sacrament giving a single turn of 30% increased attack and 3 turns of 10% increased attack and Damage Plus. Finally, Revelation provides star generation for 3 turns.

Amakusa's NP would be his arms, and would be an AoE Arts attack that deals 10 hits to each enemy with high power prana meteors; power would be 600% -> 900%. The secondary effects would be a chance to lower enemy attack, defense, and NP gauge, and would scale based on Overcharge from 60% -> 100%.

I might do Extra and CCC Servants we haven't seen yet next.


  1. Nuclear's Avatar
    I still think they should go
    Sikera Usum
    for Semiramis.
  2. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    Yeah, but then that would probably mean an Assassin Caster without her Dual Summon stuff (Read: A 3-star).

    Gotta keep her whole to keep her buff.
  3. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Jack's skills are Mental Pollution, Information Erasure, and Surgical Procedures.
  4. Rafflesiac's Avatar

    Welp, so much for that, then.
  5. Ratman's Avatar
    Surgical Procedures is probably a targeted heal, like Sanson's.
  6. relt's Avatar
    For Mordred I am thinking she will be a gacha unlock servant. Saber face servants seem to get special treatment in GO. Saber alter and Nero both needed to be unlock, and Okita is a 5* while Nobu was nerfed into a 4*.
  7. You's Avatar
    Who is PINK HAIR!!!!
    with crown in OP

    I must know
  8. You's Avatar
    Also I really hope Semi doesn't get Double Summon.
    Because that's something the Master does.
  9. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by You
    Who is PINK HAIR!!!!
    with crown in OP

    I must know

    or roland
  10. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by You
    Also I really hope Semi doesn't get Double Summon.
    Because that's something the Master does.
    If not, then maybe they'll release both an Assassin Semiramis and a Caster Semiramis.

    I don't really want that because they'd both be 3-stars unless DW fixed them up, but it's aggravatingly plausible.