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Writing Goals

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So, I don't have much to say other than for the past several weeks in my spare time I've been rewriting and polishing up my fan-fiction works (I've done some original fiction too but none I'm ever going to share) since I'm one of those people that launches into something, gets so far before losing interest one way or another and putting it on indefinite hold, rarely to come back to and finishing any of them.

As I have no one to help me in this endeavour, I would just like to ask if any of you would be willing to share your thoughts on what I have thus far. To do so, I will post what I'm currently planning on finishing and, then, I dunno, go from there.

Twelfth Apostle (Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Century) - Link

Sanctum of Tears (Claymore)

The Girl Who Wanted (Kill la Kill)

Petals & Poison (Naruto)

Below the Bulwarks (Kantai Collection)

Caged No More (Attack on Titan)

Now, the only one of these I've actually begun the process of finishing is Twelfth Apostle. Thus, it would be best to check out that one first (link provided). The others I'll start in the order they're listed starting with Sanctum of Tears and ending with Caged No More. I have more stories than just these but I don't think I'll ever care enough to finish those, which contradicts this whole writing goal thing but who knows, we'll see. I might.

After all of these are completed I'll focus solely on my Fate fan-fiction (as of now I'm splitting my time between the above and my Fate stuff). Anyone is welcome to look at those as well. I'll put those below in chronological order (along with the ones I'm currently in the 'planning' stages of just because):

You Are My King

Rot Me

Hero Fall

Minds of Steel

Hm. This is just something I wanted to pass along. Mainly to remind myself of what I've been wasting my time on trying to accomplish for the past two years.

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