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Nostalgic Trips can lead to long, lost inspiration. *ZOOOOOOM*

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Perhaps I'm jumping into this too fast since it's been barely a week since I returned to this nostalgic universe, but I haven't felt this giddy or inspired to do a fic/fic series in years. Not since I ran into Fortissimo did I have this urge, this need to put my thoughts down to pen, paper, and keyboard. Anyone who's peeked into the Fortissimo thread in the A/G/M/D section knows how much work I've put into Fortissimo, so needless to say I'm an excited and eager beaver to have something new (yet old) to focus my energies into.

As for the object that's grabbed me so tightly, I've gotten back into the old Sonic the Hedgehog universe that started with the Saturday morning cartoon back in the early 90's and was continued in the Archie comic series. Regardless of anyone else's personal feelings on whether they've heard of it or not, liked it or not, the story consumed me and my childhood for nearly a decade before I grew out of it and onto other things (like anime ). I rediscovered it nearly two weeks ago when I ran across the show's old intro on YT and I've been consumed with catching up with the characters and story since than. There are some developments I've liked, some I haven't liked. I've understood most of the reasons the story took the course it did, as well as the reasoning why the soft reboot was done the way it was. The point is, after catching up with the characters and story for the most part I've fallen in love with the story all over again, and I find myself wanting to do something to show it.

For starters, I'm going to go out and start a multiple chapter series that I plan to be a sort of retelling of the origins of the story. Or, at least that's my first thoughts. I want to establish the story and characters; it's easier to do so since they're not OCs, but I don't want to just do the same stuff that was started in the show/comic because to be honest, the introduction to the story and character establishment was never really there in either medium. It took several episodes for the Saturday morning show to get the characters established, and the comic just took the story and ran with it after about 25 issues. Also, I only have a plan to do the initial setup and a little more because it's entirely possible that my interest might decline as rapidly as it has come to me. Or I might just be satisfied with doing such an introductory arc and leave it at that while I work on thoughts for a followup or drop it. I obviously have a lot of thoughts to organize.

As for how I plan to publish/release it, I haven't decided on that yet either. I'm not exactly planning on finding a Sonic forum and throwing it on there, and there's always places like to hit up. I might just do it in Blogs on here first, or I might throw it into a thread in the Doujin Projects section since that's the place for non-TM fics if I'm remembering correctly.

Anyhow I'm rambling on a bit here, but that's the point of a blog sometimes. Just typing out the shit that's coming to my mind. If anyone else is interested in reminiscing in this nostalgia I'd love to hear from you, whether it be from replies here, VMs, or PMs.

With Rose-colored Nostalgia Glasses glued on,