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Nuclear Contemplations

"But mother, I don't want to start school yet!"

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Started the second term of my second year in college two weeks ago (forgot to post about it, though).

We got table tennis for our last PE course, and I found myself unpleasantly outclassed by my best female friend. It's unpleasant in the sense that I was as hyped as her about the course, but I found myself hopelessly outmatched by nearly everyone of consequence (including her) in terms of actual athletic skill.

The major subjects this term are actually pretty good. Biochemistry is fun, especially when you've read about the topics in advance and your professor is good. Not sure if I like the fact that there will be actual computations again. Histology is probably the more challenging of the two, since our lab instructor has handled my brother before, so there are expectations on my shoulders that, hopefully, shouldn't be too hard to overcome.

I was pretty excited about the minors this term, but things aren't looking so bright on that side of the universe. Rizal Course is a history course, which I should normally like, but the instructor is a bore and the the majors are taxing enough for me not to study it. Philippine Lit was probably the minor I was most waiting for, but the instructor is a bit... odd, and there's a lottery system for recitation, so I can't speak out as much as I'd like.

As of today, I have two quizzes on Monday, two on Tuesday, a report on Wednesday, and another quiz on Friday. Fun.

Because of this hectic schedule, I've decided to uninstall Bluestacks and quit GO. I'll probably be asking for a gray name sometime soon while I work on my grades and my still-nonexistent fanfic contest entry.
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  1. Skull's Avatar
    Ah yes, I remember the good ol' days of college life....oh wait, no I don't, cause it was terrible.

    Good luck to you sir, just don't slack off like I did and you'll be fine.
  2. GundamFSN's Avatar
    B-but Brynhild is coming tomorrow!

    Just kidding, it's better to focus on real life than GO. I really know how it feels to have a boring instructor, having need to study the subject yourself was pretty taxing.