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Melty Blood Manga Rant part 3

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Continuing my manga hate rant from part 2. Here it goes.

Part 3: Art Consistancy

Okay. Before we begin with this, this is going to be a long ass rant.

Well. Most manga would pull this but meh. In the time I read the MB manga, during the Red Arc vs Sion fight, I have to say a few things. How the hell does Sion go from no blood to 1 page and another page to blood? She even took the Arc Drive HEAD ON. THE WHOLE FUCKING ARC DRIVE and she didn't even take any clothing damage or some battle damage like uh her beret falling down or her hair getting unbraided or some shit. Well. At least with Arc, she took a BBR point blank or some shit, and it only damaged her skirt and when Shiki Tohno got clawed by V.Sion, the claw damage was still there.

I mean either the author felt bad that a tattered Sion is overkill or maybe that Sion does not have another pair of her uniform. I mean after defeating Red Arc, Sion has NO BLOOD around her body anymore until the fight with Warachia which was odd. How did she regen or made the blood disappear? If I know one thing about reading the questions thread, it must have been that she reverse time on her body or some shit since she can be in Vampire Form too.

Now here's another art failure or some shit:

Well. it seems that the 2nd image example that I was suppose to show did not show cause well. In the RAW version, in volume 6, there was another page after Sion got slammed by Warachia which EXACTLY had the SAME IMAGE like in the image above. (When Sion gets up). I think the translators forgot about it. If you don't believe me, check the entire RAW yourself.

Now the other 2 images on top. Notice the same slammed pic? yes. That image was RECYCLED. Technically recycled images can be funny if used right or used correctly if it's flashbacks but this is not a flashback is it? And this recycled image is like 1 VOLUME APART. At least in ACT: 2 (which I will rant after this part.) it is done right.

and after Sion and Shiki won against Warachia, well. After the battle, Sion's head stopped bleeding. You know what. I'll make the excuse of the "she reverse time on her body" or Shiki wiped the blood from Sion's head in an off screen panel or some shit.

And you know what else is funny, Sion did cut right in the middle of her breasts (You know the end of volume 4 after Shiki cuts her) and also got some cuts from Night of the Blood Liar and no cutting clothing damage. Either her clothes and beret are like hella resistant or I don't know.

At least Medaka Box was consistant with damage, Beginning to End!

Well to conclude this part, I'll just say I'll pull a Gilgamesh and nuke Manga Sion, curbstomp her or some other shit.

And to remind everyone, this is my opinion of why I hate said manga. Sion is hawt, sexy and awesome but the manga was poorly portrayed.

I'm tried of making this wall of text, starting part 4 of said rant like way later.

Extra Note: Celsius got me on this argument actually. The art was my strongest Argument. The rest of it was me yelling. And Portrayal is not really a good way of saying. Maybe I meant uh..... Character? Art? The way it's drawn? Uh. the action scenes were uh? Or damage? Yeah. My head hurts on this one. Yeah. I really got nothing to say on the Extra notes. Still checking videos of the Original MB or I forgot.

BTW, Check the Melty Blood Discussion thread for Celsius' Discussion on my rant.