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Verg Avesta

The dream is dead

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  1. Imperial's Avatar
    I read about this not even ten minutes ago.

    It's been a roller coaster of emotion from someone snapping a photo of him boarding a plane to Seattle for Raw in the hopes he would return to finding out he's going to retire. Heartbreaker.
  2. JetKinen's Avatar

    RIP Punished Bryan.

    It's tough. I thought we lived in a timeline where Dbry vs Nakamura was impossible, then Nakamura signed with the WWE.
    but then the injuries caught up with Dbry.

    I wish best of luck in his future endeavors.
  3. JetKinen's Avatar
    Daniel is on right now.
  4. Imperial's Avatar
    So, as he told us in the ESPN interview, DB has had at least 10 concussions, and he was hiding the seizures he had been having.

    Holy crap. I thought his retirement was bittersweet, but now it's all I want for him. The guy gets to go out on top as one of the most beloved people in the industry instead of landing himself in a wheelchair or a coffin, and he has fatherhood to look forward to now.
  5. JetKinen's Avatar
    Yeah, good for him.

    It's tough, because retiring from wrestling its seemingly really hard for wrestlers, but lets hope Dbry managed to make peace with himself leaving the ring.

    I'm really going to miss him.
  6. Imperial's Avatar
    He has talked about how wrestling was his therapy just as much as it was a job or a passion. He used it to work out his stress, so I can't imagine how he'll cope without it. With any luck, he'll take up a new hobby.

    He'll probably get a chance to trot back out every so often in all of WWE's spinoffs like Ride Along and the Edge and Christian show or occasional guest ref spots or stuff like Piper's Pit where he comes back to talk up the latest feud.