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The ____ of a Lifetime

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An old factory in my town. This building happened to be the prettiest. Now, what did I do?

There was a rather suspect ladder going up to the roof, and since nobody posted a sign...

The top of the building. Really nothing more than a number of rusted ventilation and electrical fixtures, with a smattering of lichen around the damper spots.

I walked around to the other side, and came down yet another ladder. This is an old building, for some reason full of dirt. Let's see what's up there.

I do believe that this is a brilliant view of an empty lot.

There was an adjoining door to the next structure, and the sight in there was a bit more interesting.

Some slight fun happened as well.

I climbed up to the ledge from the other side, where a large pile of dirt made it accessible, and went down the tree. It wasn't bad. A nice walk outdoors really. I like places like this.

Additionally, I came across a little concrete room full of pipes, set in the middle of a little copse of trees. Somebody had placed a nice chair in. Remnants of some fun from forgotten days.

God, and the pigeons, flapping around and just staring at me in the darkness. I also observed a small black cat around the place. Turns out that things don't tend to thrive on darkness and old concrete.


  1. Strife ❤️'s Avatar
  2. Rafflesiac's Avatar
    Now build your secret base.
  3. GhostDIGIT's Avatar
    Frosty's Secret Base, it has a nice view and a cat.
  4. Nuclear Consensus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Rafflesiac
    Now build your secret base.
    And populate it with Trainers with full Blissey teams.
  5. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    inb4 the roof collapses
  6. Frostyvale's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mAc Chaos
    inb4 the roof collapses
    I was seriously worried that the ladders would break as I was climbing because of how wonky they'd gotten over the years. That, and the hollow rattling of the sheet metal ventilation made me feel the structure was far less stable than I'd have liked.

    As it turned out it was daijoubu so I'm going back tomorrow to set up my homestead.
  7. Dullahan's Avatar
    haikyo moe, very nice
  8. Marmadillo's Avatar
    cool story bro
    We have old soviet missile bases and decrepit army residential towns. You'd love it.