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My Timberwolf can't possibly be this cute!

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After much playing and stompy stomps with laser pew pews I am finally the proud owner of three Timberwolves. I need three cause F2P grindy grinds is a bitch and you need three of a thing to make it go a little faster and run a little hotter and generally make that one model more badass. Which I am fine with as far as the Timberwolf is concerned since you can configure it in a billion ways and swap out omnipods and all that jazz.

But like srsly so kawaii desu yes.

So cute.

The oldest sibling, Garo. It used to sling 4SLs with 2 SRM6s and 2 LPLs but I decided that build was a bit schizoprenic and went for a full laser vomit build. So it packs 2ERLLs for long range pokey pokes, 4MPLs for when things get close and dirty and 2MLs just to add icing on the cake.

The second sibling, Kiba. It had a case of existential crisis and went through a number of builds. One of which I call the VICTOR cause it was how I built my Victor - mixing a UAC20 with SRMs and LLs. I finally settled into a build which used 6MLs with 2LBX5s. But recently I took some of its omnipods off to arm the youngest sibling. When I finally had enough C-Bills to rebuild it, I ended up going for a 7MLs + UAC10 build. Needs more testing before I have an opinion.

The youngest sibling Tsume. It used to run 4SRM6s and 2LPLs but while the SRMs were fun and could tear open an Atlas like a can opener, the general cowardice of players and the long ranged potshot poke poke meta meant it didn't get much opportunity to show its stuff. And as the youngest sibling it is like, so fucking shy. So after saving enough dosh, I put 2LRM5s and 2LRM10s on it for some long ranged shooty shoots. It also has an ERPPC nipple and 4MLs to round it off. I'm considering switching the PPC for an ERLL and some heat sinks.