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Day 7 - Shimogomo temple, Sakura, eagles, shopping.

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Not much that happened today. Resting day without any particular plans before we finally leave Kyoto and head to Hakone tomorrow. Most went to shop in various places, but me and 3 others went to the Shimogomo temple, another temple on the Unesco world heritage list, though smaller. Lots of those apparently. You can never get enough temples. ;-) Also finally got to see a Sakura tree in full bloom, so I took some pictures of that. Also saw several eagles, but didn't manage to take any pictures of them, because they were flying around too fast. Did some shopping and got a UBW anime artbook, an Angel Beats! artbook, and an awesome, handmade, wooden Totoro (Studio Ghibli) clock, that I found (no pictures, because it's packed in my rucksack in my room, and there are other people in my room who are asleep right now...). Went to the Kyoto Animation shop, but it was closed because it was Sunday, even though it said right there on the door that it was supposed to be open...Considered going to a festival, but it started raining. ┐( ̄_ ̄)┌

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