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Kuroyuki's Visit to Japan Day 0-2

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Disclaimer: Actually written on different days due ahahaha jetlag, early mornings, and inability to find a good time to bust out that laptop of mine.

Kuro Blog Day 0

Okay. Arrived in Japan. Going to keep this quick because man am I tired. So took a 2 hour train ride from Narita Airport. Watched my parents check into their hotel. They had like GOJIRA’S head on the hotel so that was pretty cool.

And man is their room small. Like barely two people can fit in their “hallway” bad. Now just imagine me with my luggage and backpack awkwardly maneuvering there.

Okay off to my wonderful capsule hotel which was seemingly down the more red light district of Shinjuku until we came out of the alleyway. Then we got lost trying to find the hotel because it’s not labeled and it’s on another floor.

Thankfully we went to Hub (A British Pub chain) and noticed the elevator said to “Hotel.”

Went up the elevator and almost walked in with my shoes on. Man I almost made a horrible mistake there. So placed away my shoes and locked them up. Went to the front desk.

And well they had a hard time reading my Expedia printed doc. So I look over at their stake of papers and spot me. Naturally I go “This is me.” So everything is going hunky dory… Until they ask for my passport. Which is with my mom because she likes to personally keep track of them.

So the worker and I panic until I pull out my drivers license because “hey maybe they just need a picture ID” And whew thankfully it worked. So here I am typing up my Day 0 before heading to sleep.

Kuro Blog Day 1

Okay woke up at 2AM. I'm still jetlagged as hell. Oh well. I’ll just stay up and chill on IRC till like… 8.

Okay need to get going… Now for my first huge culture shock…. COMMUNAL BATH. Why communal… Oh right Capsule Hotel. Cheapness not super comfort.

Okay! Not as bad as I thought it would be. Might be the fact I’m blind as a bat without my glasses. And that jacuzzi was super relaxing. Ah I should just like stay in that for a bit one night. Also I nearly tripped in the bath right as soon as I thought “I won’t trip” like the sign in the bath w

So today Harajuku and Shibuya! The train system wasn’t too hard because I’m used to Europe’s trains.

At Harajuku, we visited the local Shrine where I cleansed myself and then did a small prayer for good grades. Please let me pass my two tests on the 21st!

Also managed to grab me the infamous NIPPON crepe and takoyaki. Crepe so sweet. So much creme! Takoyaki… Oh sweet Japanese Mayo. Oh delicious bento. Oh steamy octopus~

All grabbed from some kind of Japanese Food Festival in Yoyogi. Ah it was so good~

Afterwards to Shibuya, Shibuya has quite the crossing. Like shit. So many people crossing. Also apparently the original Japanese crepe started there. Maybe I should’ve gotten one there instead of Harajuku… But we went to one of those Sushi conveyor belt places.

Man so much sushi! And so cheap! Like two nigiri for only two bucks! Two bucks instead of an arm and a leg for okay sushi. Also I discovered I could drink in Tokyo at 20… I considered it but I’m not a beer drinker.

Then back to the hotel. On the way back, I saw the infamous Cleaner Samurais someone in #notes posted. But nothing else of note on the way back. Again I got an upper capsule… I swear I’ll slip on my way out of these days due drowsiness. But anyways, sleep! Have to leave at 1AM to catch the tuna auctions tomorrow.

Kuro Blog Day 2

Up. I should get moving. Maybe I’ll pick up some combini food… Nah. I’ll be fine. Also wow people are bathing at 1… Well I guess it’s the culture here.

Okay. Time to go! On my way out, I confused the desk attendant. And it took a small exchange of me going “I’ll be back after 4pm today.”

Now… I got approached by some black guy on my way to meet my parents before heading to the Tuna Auction. Naturally I thought he was asking me directions in Japanese because I’m Asian. We look the same~ Then he’s like “Oh English” and spoke broken English. WELL SHIT. It’s one of these guys trying to get me to go to a soapland. Even took out a booklet showing a naked woman.

Ugh…. When I say no leave me alone. I swear I’ll drop my polite act and give you some good old MURICAN anger. Or well I would probably be more cold.

Sooooo… This auction starts at 5:25 and I got here at 2:30… This is a long wait. On the upside. We have a “guide” He’s basically telling us the cost of like the tuna. Like a 200 kilo Tuna can sell for 1.5 million yen. 1.5 MILLION. Holy shittttt.

And inadvertently my parents mentioned my weab interests. I gave them that look saying “whyyyyyy.” It got all quiet and then I in a small voice was like, “I like… anime.” It got quiet again. I said it again a little more confident. “I like anime.” Quiet… “Oh Animation!” All enthusiastic.

Man I thought I was going to be discriminated against! I honestly thought I was going to get those looks of disgust or something.

Instead he started to tell me about some good cafes like @home and stuff. And stuff like the Gundam statue and cafe.

So we did that for about two hours. Then to the Tuna Sales. And… to be honest I’m too short to see the actual sales. Curse you other foreigners! I am about average in this nation until you tall lanky Euro - Americans show up. Well I did get pictures… barely.

So our guide showed us the area and I get the feeling he really really wanted us to wait in line with him for like this one sushi restaurant that’s super good. But a 5 hour wait….

But we went to other sushi place that was just as good. But not as well-known. Fatty Tuna is de-li-cious <3. I personally prefered the medium fatty tuna. But ah~ Glorious fresh caught sushi. Ah crap I’m drooling again and breaking continuity.

So after browsing the good old Tsukiji fish market, we went to Asakusa. And the market to the temple is BUSY. Or it’s because it’s White Day. I don’t know. Lots of browsing. Got to the temple. Prayed for good test grades and drew my fortune. And as expected… Average. Apparently I’ll be hit with tragedy (it’s my tests ain’t it) but I’ll be happy. And on one of the side roads of the Asakusa Temple markets. I found Mellonpan. Another weab food checked off. Also I can see why Shana loves these so much <.<

Akiba. Understanding parents tried to be patient while I tear through Otaku Merch heaven… Emphasis on tried. They gave up and said they’re heading back after halfway into the second shop.

So I’m tearing through Akiba alone. Found some souvenirs for people. Bought some Hentai Mags I liked. Found a Takemikazuchi Type-00C nonscale Kotobukiya.

Okay. Let me say this. I have a horrible sense of direction that I inherited from my mom which I normally get over by maps then familiarization. So non-issue usually.

Well today it was an issue… Like two hours lost kind of bad. Like I somehow avoided the Akibahara Map placements, familiar landmarks, and other train entrances. And it was RAINING. Well sprinkling to me but still 1 hour convinced me to buy an umbrella.

Then I was so lost I looped around and went to the Gundam Cafe and AKB48 cafe by ACCIDENT. So being a Gundam fan, I went “yeah Gundam Cafe let’s go!”

I regret ordering their White Day Beef Stew Heart special. It was essentially Rice shaped like a heart, Curry Sauce, and BARELY any MEAT. Oh and no chocolate sauce like advertised. But eh. I had like barely any meat. Also the girls were very distant, barely gave Gundam-esque stuff. It sucked.

Well on the upside, the cafe was right next to the Train station (actually a block). And I’m back here at my wonderful capsule.