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Verg Avesta

Excerpts from No Internet Life 1

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So, withouth proper internet connection at home, I've had time to do other things. Such as play Period, visual novel I never finished. This has made me realize something about the artist of the game, who is the same one that did most of Eiyuu Senki.


Why? Because he can't draw normal clothes. Everything must have gorillion frills, ruffles, bows, ribbons, buttons and layers. And the chokers. EVERY CHARACTER NO MATTER WHO MUST HAVE SOMETHING SQUEEZING THEIR NECK.

The funniest thing is that in Period, he had to draw a boyish character. You can feel the anger from every line withouth frills.
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  1. Tobias's Avatar
    That artist is a part of such mechanically fun games. Witch trainer was fun as heck, eiyuu senki was a blast.

    but that art. That art man.
  2. Petrikow's Avatar
    oyari ashito is actually one of my favorite artists

    but period is pretty aged, its from 2007 i think

    so like 9 years ago

    he got a lot better imo
  3. Tobias's Avatar
    Those little girls are staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarving

    that one big eater loli isn't funny.

    she is clearly recovering from severe malnutrition
  4. Petrikow's Avatar
    realistically speaking his biggest problem is probably massive same-face

    but it almost seems like he's 'forcing' it

    that is to say it doesnt seem like its actually part of his style

    the way he draws bodies and anatomy is very interesting, even if not entirely accurate

    lots of detail and interesting shading while still maintaining a very smooth look
  5. Verg Avesta's Avatar
    Period, ES, witch romantique... It doesn't matter. His babyheaded freaks are always there, wearing everything or nothing at all, uniform in their anorexia and sameface.
  6. Petrikow's Avatar
    yeah i actually used to dislike his art too

    but i think he's gotten real good just recently

    his last few doujins have been pretty great
  7. Verg Avesta's Avatar
    The angel in the witch game is the absolute worst.