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Character Study: Education Kitty

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Oh, dear lord. Education Kitty.

Like most things that are truly, deeply insane in my writing, this came about during a conversation with our own RadiantBeam. She and I were texting one day, andThere are things man was not meant to know.

In the darkness before the dawn of man, the Old Ones reigned. They built cities of shadow and blood, wreathed in crystalline structures that pierced holes in the very fabric of reality. They made war, in battles that shook the heavens and shattered stars. They wove noxious magicks that reshaped the universe to suit their alien whims. And they learned. They learned knowledge that our meager, human brains could not hope to comprehend, the ancient knowledge of the Gods built into the bone and blood of the universe. They knew all, they saw all, omniscient and horribly perfect.

But all things must fade with time. The stars changed, and the Old Ones could not touch what had once been their world. The lower beings grew, and evolved from the vile muck that coated their meaningless forms. They pieced together a transient and tiny civilization, a primitive mockery of the glory that had preceded them. They knew... so, so little. They knew nothing. And from the beyond, from outside this world, their ignorance was seen by something... else.

It saw how little they knew, and it wanted to teach.

It wanted to teach. It wanted to enlighten them and make them greater than they were. It wanted to teach. It wanted to forge them into worthy successors for the ancients. It wanted to teach. It wanted to
break them with knowledge than their simple, three-dimensional minds could not fathom, to burn them with the fires of knowledge. It wanted to teach.

But it could not touch the world in its current form. Could not reach the lower things, as it was. Not so long as the stars were wrong. And so it took a new form. Lowered itself, became less. Still great, still terrible... but less. And wreathed in common matter, it stepped down onto the world and chose an agent, one who was a bearer of True Ignorance, one who could not learn, and would never be destroyed by the wisdom it brought. She served as a balance to it: kind where it was cruel, foolish where it was wise, mortal and alive where it was Beyond Flesh. And together, they walk. Together, they learn. Together, they will see the knowledge of the Old Ones spread across this world that was once free of the Taint of Man, and will be free again.

There are things, great and terrible, that held this world as their own before the dawn of man. One walks among us now, shrouded in a form so seemingly harmless that none can see the danger until it is too late. And it teaches. It teaches, and those who learn will be destroyed.

There are things man was not meant to know.

But you see... it wants to teach.


  1. RadiantBeam's Avatar
    .... We're insane, aren't we. XD
  2. Moczo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Radiantbeam
    .... We're insane, aren't we. XD
    I believe we realized this long ago and decided unanimously to just keep on going with it and see what happened. XD
  3. Aiden's Avatar

    I love you both.
  4. Lycodrake's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Aiden

    I love you both.
    I'm afraid to say "same here", but I share the sentiment.
    ...Moczo and Beamu are truly terrifying and awe-inspiring.
  5. Laith's Avatar
    But you see... it wants to teach.
    Truly, a scary sentence.
  6. Dark Pulse's Avatar
    Education Kitty is watching me study.