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Japan (1-2)

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So I went on vacation to Japan with a friend.

We're currently staying in Tokyo.

Day 1:
Not much happened here. We waited in line 1.5 hours for a ramen shop that Kuroyuki recommended.

There were chunks of fat floating in the soup that made me feel extremely unhealthy. But there's definitely a difference between this and home fare.

We went to a bookstore across the street and admired their odd merchandise.

(I'm really tempted to get that necklace. They have several versions: the five bases, caffeine, capsaicin etc.)

Day 2:

The place we're staying at has free tea in the lobby, which is quite nice.

And off to Ikebukuro we went.
There's a very large Pokemon Center in Ikebukuro and it's filled with cheerful workers welcoming you to the store. They had a promotion going on where you could get a box of cookies if you were born in May and never had I wished more I was not born in March.

I'm also very tempted to get an Ampharos. THEY'RE SO CUTE JUST LOOK AT THEM

There's a road in Ikebukuro known as "otome road" because it's essentially weeb paradise for girls. You can tell because the Animate is lined with Uta no Prince-sama and all the sports anime and the elevators are plastered with the handsome men from Joker Game.

My friend went absolutely crazy and stopped by the elevator after we went up every floor to take pictures of the Joker Game dudes. Every single floor.

I bought my copy of TM Ace 11 at that Animate. I also got CDs for dirt cheap at Lashinbang, god bless that store.

These were also there.

We then went to Nakano to go to the ufotable cafe, which had a fate/zero thing going on and was surprisingly empty. More surprisingly, they were out of some drinks and goodies. Unsurprisingly, these were all Rider-related.
I got the Gilgamesh drink.



(That's the Lancelot drink but who cares because it doesn't have gold flakes in it)

Saber-themed pasta and Waver-themed dessert.

Kirei stalking the bathroom.

The Ryougi coaster I got for free for ordering a drink.

After that we went to the Mandarake that had been closed earlier in the morning. My friend reaaaallllyy wanted a look at those doujins so I took pictures of the sauciest ones for your viewing pleasure.


Then we went to a conbini and had $3 noodles for late dinner. Conbinis are great. We need more of them back home. We need more trains back home too.


  1. Spinach's Avatar
    Oh my god caffeine necklace
  2. Reiu's Avatar
    > open spoiler
    > scroll

    w-wow I
  3. Kuroyuki's Avatar
    I swear I only waited 45 minutes at worst for that place! But at least it should've been worth the wait!
  4. aldeayeah's Avatar
    i want the chemical necklaces. all of them.