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Today was a good day for TM merch. I got the best roll I've ever gotten so far in FGO, and I came home to open my posters that have been waiting for me for a week.

Reiu has the Gilgamesh one she got off Yahoo Auctions and she found me an auction for the whole set, so I said lol why the heck not and bought it. All in all 14 posters, one for each Master and Servant.

It came packaged beautifully sasuga japan this is why I love you.

Of course, Saber is in the front of the whole thing. They came all in order, brand new with a tiny dent in the corner that I just kind of un-dented.

The posters are kind of shiny and have a sort of metallic tint, which is a really nice effect. They feel very easy to fold or bend though, which is a little flimsier than I expected. Each person is kind of color-coded to their theme color except I didn't know Diarmuid's theme color was vomit purple. I thought he'd be vomit green instead.

And the best one (+Tokiomi) is last (except he was after Saber in the package)

I took all the pictures backwards but I rearranged this one to show the way the Command Seals match up. It's quite nice though I don't intend to stick Tokiomi next to Gil.

The text. It's the same for every poster.

Which one is your favorite?
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  1. Cruor's Avatar
    Thank you! I been asking for pics for awhile~
  2. Snow's Avatar
    I like Kirei best <3
  3. You's Avatar
    that IRC on your phone
  4. Reiu's Avatar
    Very nice! Now I am starting to want some of the other ones too.

    Planning to display any of them?

    (incidentally, for those who weren't around in 2012, I got mine framed: )


  5. Strife ❤️'s Avatar

    Reiu's framed one looks awesome, any plans to frame any?
  6. Lianru's Avatar
    I don't have any frames, but if I did, I would frame some. (Gilgamesh, Seiba, Kotomine, Tokiomi in that order of priority)
    Being the poor student that I am I will probably obtain some cheap plastic sleeves, tape them to cardboard and stand them up on my shelf.

    @You: yes I was IRCing on my phone
  7. Strange_One's Avatar
    Hmm.. metallic effect. Is this what FSN Metal Poster-kun meant?
  8. Daiki's Avatar
    Tokiomi looks very Jojo
  9. GundamFSN's Avatar
    Dayum, cool posters you got there Lian.
  10. ladykatia1's Avatar
    Woah those are sooo cool!! I would pay good money to get my hands on those!