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Japan (3)

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Okay, the last two days I was too tired to write about so I wrote them today. Today is day # 3 so it deserves its own post.

The morning was dedicated to Shibuya. It's surprising how much time you can spend browsing stores.

Don Quijote stocks all sorts of fun stuff, like...

anthropomorphized curry,

Black Man manthongs,

and a nice pair of legs (which is how I could tell we had reached the store).

They also sell normal stuff like rice cookers and ultramini umbrellas that I am considering buying.

I got dragged to the Mandarake again.

Clickers beware.

We had lunch at a kaiten-zushi place and oh god I could eat sushi for days without tiring.
After that we stopped at a makeup store thing to look for stuff for another friend and also to find a bathroom. The second floor was very scary and filled with saleswomen ready to pounce upon unwary shoppers like an osprey swoops down on the ocean and scoop some sales out like an osprey scoops out fish.

There's a rather large Tower Records in Shibuya. I was very tempted to buy the Final Fantasy brass performance CD, especially after hearing a few tracks. My friend, who is gradually turning into a fujoshi due to overexposure, reminisced over the kpop section and then spent several minutes listening to Joker Game music.

Look, it's OnoD!

We were walking to Harajuku after this and spotted the top contender for best photo of the day.

(no homo)

After stopping at Yoyogi Park we went to the Meiji Jingu Shrine.

A Chinese couple was trying to drink water out of this. I probably should have stopped them. On the shrine grounds there were also two cute middle school girls with wrapped-up bows 2 feet taller than them who kept getting their photos taken by foreign tourists.
We were also lucky enough to see a wedding procession (good coincidence #1).

Walking back to Harajuku, I spotted the IPA password posters that I found on the internet a while back. A sample:

This one depicts a scene where the male love interest tells our heroine to be more careful in the way she treats her password.

Harajuku Crepe, Santa Monica #13, JPY 480. It's good but the inside past the top was all cream and no more fruit. Takeshita-dori in general was not very exciting, even on a Saturday.

On our way to a cat cafe we stopped by a Stellaworth and my friend spent the better part of an hour guessing which works were R rated or not. It's pretty hard to tell, unlike works that feature girls. Overally I got an artbook out of this so I'm good.

If we hadn't stopped by the other store first, we would have missed the feeding time (good coincidence #2!)

We found Waldo too (coincidence #3). Turns out Waldo likes to play the guitar and sing.

I'm really sleepy now so good night and look forward to more, perhaps.


  1. Seika's Avatar
    What were the legs for?
  2. Lianru's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Seika
    What were the legs for?
    Modeling heels, I think.
    I'm not really sure myself.
  3. Arashi_Leonhart's Avatar
    Modeling stockings.

    Fukusuke is a stocking maker.

    I don't know how I know this.