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I had a weird dream today.

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It was quite amusing, so I decided to write it here.

Me and my friends (dunno who) were walking down a street. Along the way, we met a very humane girl robot; capable of smooth conversation. She said that her job was to provide relieve service for those who are lonely, feeling nostalgic or sad. Of course, we cannot fool her by just saying that we're sad. She apparently had an emotion sensor of sort.

In that moment, I was feeling a bit nostalgic about something. As she was detecting my nostalgia, a small creature came out from her back. it was a puppy. The puppy had smooth fluffy hairs and was wearing a pink puppy shirt or whatcha call it. In any case, it was a really cute puppy.

I got hold of it and played a bit with her. My friend (dunno who) then tried to played with her too, but she broke out of my hold and walked back to the the robot girl.

Then I woke up.

P.S. I went back to sleep soon after.

P.S.S. And dreamed of playing Dynasty Warrior and Gundam Extreme VS.
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