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On Sakura, and Failing to be Her

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It's not even funny how long it's taking me to read HF. It's been more than a month since I started reading it. I've had so much stuff going on lately... At the very least, I remember everything about Sakura and her bottled up negative emotions.

Or so I thought. It's becoming increasingly clear to me, that writing Sakura might be impossible for me. I'm doing better writing Shinji. It's easy enough to make an obnoxious, temperamental jerk, but that isn't all that great either. I want Sakura to be a heroine here, and yet Shinji seems to be stealing her spotlight. Frequently. Which is generally offensive to the part of me that wants Sakura to be the adorable dork I want her to be... albeit with her resentment and self-loathing coming out of her ears after being separated from her rock of stability for five years.

I mean, sure, I'm having fun with Shinji doing things that benefit the war effort while bringing out the very worst in the people he works with...
Like seriously, I was looking at Craft Essence cards, saw the Record Holder artwork and decided Shinji needed a computer. And his nemesis is Celenike Icecolle, who he swore revenge against for destroying his previous machine via curses through the internet. Because I thought that was funny and I've heard from an unreliable source she's done something along those lines. It's likely very stupid in practice. Especially considering he's managed to get Tohsaka and El-Melloi II on his side, which should be impossible. I should start designating gag reels... ESPECIALLY SINCE THESE ARE STEALING SAKURA'S SPOTLIGHT! WHY HASN'T ANYONE BEEN COOKING DURING THE DAY?! Calm down Draconic. But there hasn't been anything since she made pancakes!

This has pretty much my apology letter to Sakura for not giving her the attention she clearly deserves. And it's a damn crappy one.

I'm sorry Sakura. I'll start trying again ASAP...

Though I don't suppose anyone might be able to look at their introductory chapter and tell me how much I'm doing it wrong. Just so that I'll be able to do right by Sakura?


  1. SeiKeo's Avatar
    honestly it's refreshing, been a while since someone cared this much about sakura
  2. just Beamu's Avatar
    i feel as if this is either caring too much or serving more as a plug
  3. Kotonoha's Avatar
    I want Sakura to be a heroine here, and yet Shinji seems to be stealing her spotlight. Frequently
    So what's the problem

    At this point, I even feel that I need scenes showing Tohsaka beating herself up over falling in love and leaving the country with Shirou
    That would be pretty out-of-character for Rin, you'll probably figure that out near the end of HF though.
    Updated July 7th, 2016 at 10:15 PM by Kotonoha
  4. Draconic's Avatar
    Hmm. I see. I'll keep an eye out for that. But the self-loathing goes through the roof. I may even need to make another apology post to Saber. I'd call it, 'Because I'm Acting like Gilgamesh' because it might seem like I'm trying to see how beautiful it will be when she finally breaks, but it doesn't seem to work out that way. (I pile on the needless guilt).