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A lightning crackled so loud

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It fried my modem and also took my network port along with it.

Well, no fire broke out at least.


  1. Raylen Cypher's Avatar
    Were there sparks?

    Funny enough, my WiFi was going on and off. When I went to check the modem and router, the lights were blinking on and off randomly. There was a blackout in my area and I guess it got messed up trying to reconnect.

    Both the modem and the router were overheating so I unplugged them and later reconnected them. I waited for it to cool down btw which fixed the problem.
  2. GundamFSN's Avatar
    There were sparks, I think. When the lightning struck it seemed one of the wires snapped (like going haywire kind of snap). My PC shut down immediately after and my modem wasn't able to turn on lol. My house also went blackout for a bit in that moment.

    We had the modem repaired immediately, but my network port is beyond help atm because the sensor is now broken from what I can observe. We're probably going to need to field a technician sooner or later or replace it altogether since it's a 9 years old PC.
  3. ZidanReign's Avatar
    >9 years old
    >having it fixed via a technician

    You realize it might cost more to actually repair the old computer than buying something relatively new and pre-built due to depreciated hardware that just might be expensive to repair/replace? You're realistic at least about the idea of replacing it, which probably might just be a decent upgrade lol

    What PC is it if it's a pre-built? Give me details.