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Nuclear Contemplations

Fate/Extella Faction Wallpapers

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So yeah. Was working on these earlier today, but had to redo Altera's because of the Iskander release. Anyways, enjoy!

Nero's faction

Tamamo's faction

Altera's faction


Since Extella's taking place on the moon iirc, I decided to put space stuff in the background instead of the usual artwork depicting the Servant. Nero's has stars, since Fax Caelestis and all that. Tamamo's is the sun. (I swear it's there, but the Servant pics are just obscuring a lot of it). I'll talk about Altera's later. The neutrals get the moon (plus the earth) since EXTRA and CCC take place there, Artoria's linked to the moon in contrast to Gawain's sun iirc, plus Excalibur is a planetary defense laser now.

I thought about putting up Mars as the Altera faction's background, but the pic I got was basically just a big red circle, and I thought that was too boring. So I decided on a solar eclipse instead, reason being it's the moon (Artoria's faction) obscuring the sun (Tamamo's), which makes only the brightest stars (Nero's) visible. I dunno, feel free to correct me on that last one.