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Still Blogging About My As-Of-Yet Nonexistent Fanfic

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It's getting too chaotic for me to keep a firm hold on what I want to do everywhere.

So I realized that if I used all the Servants I wanted, I wouldn't be able to kill anyone until the very end of my story.

So my solution:

Add seven more Servants?

This is getting out of hand…
But then, wasn't that the premise that I wanted from the very beginning?

With twenty-one masters, getting the characters around the world should be easier too. So I'm making things crazy!

I just need to determine where I can place various characters. I'm considering using Dan Blackmore and Leo Harway. I think they'd be perfect for London, and both would likely be entertaining to write. Blackmore especially, if I give him the same frame of mind as he has in Extra. Since Robin Hood is already taken (and having two different Robin Hoods would feel wasteful under the circumstances), I kind of want to give him the knight servant he deserves, but I can't give him an Arthurian knight. because that would bring the count up to four Arthurian characters, not including Arturia: I'm giving Gawain to Leo, as is appropriate. I decided to explore the Shielder class if I made said Shielder purely Galahad. I checked the Create-A-Servant thread and that hasn't actually been done yet, so I suppose I'll have to write a sheet for him. As for the fourth, well, Merlin summons Lancelot specifically to help Arturia for the battle with the hyper-powerful Vortigurn. He's already foreseen it by the beginning of the story. Actually, I might not do that. Deus-Ex-Merlin-a would be poor storytelling on my part.

Lancelot will be a Berserker, but with limited Mad Enhance. He's Merlin, he can make it happen. And will only appear once before vanishing. I'm still standing by my intention for Merlin not to appear at all.

So the bottom line is who would be an appropriate knight for Blackmore?
I'll be checking the Create-A-Servant thread for that purpose, but suggestions would be appreciated.

I do know that some poor sap is gonna get Karna. Of course, why the hell am I treating this like a bad thing?

…Because I need Assassin victims.
Jack the Ripper or Carmilla will do away with the Master of the most powerful Servant in the War. Karna barely gets a chance to do anything more than show off a bit, which is only fair, because I know next to nothing about his character. Sorry Karna fans.

Now, as I might have mentioned before, the Jack that Sagara summons in my fic is far closer to the monster summoned by Flat Escardos than he is to the freakish little girl that appears in Apocrypha. If you want the specific reason why I'm not using that Jack, you can have a look at my Cards Against Humanity thread. You'll find a card that describes her actions to a T. It is the reason I dislike her. I'm okay with writing messed up freaks; hell, Celenike Icecolle is one of the primary antagonists. Just behind Kotomine and Zouken. Yeah, I still want Kotomine alive, despite the story taking place in the UBW timeline in which he should be a pile of strangely annoying ashes.

As for Carmilla, she's only the same by way of personality. Her fighting style and Noble Phantasms are different. I thought that she was far too close to a Caster, in the form we're familiar with, so I changed her to be more Assassin-like.

Having removed her sceptre, she now performs assassinations with razor-sharp fingernails, and in a battle of larger scale, slashes at people with giant claws (not BB giant claws, more like claws like a tiger. No, not that Tiger). She also collects the blood of fallen enemies and uses it in a manner similar to Gabriel Belmont's primary attacks in Lords of Shadow 2. Not my favorite Castlevania game by the way, but the mechanic worked for Carmilla. Quite spectacularly in fact.

Finally, there's the catfight. It's not a catfight. It's just Carmilla vs. Tamamo, and then Atalanta interrupts and the fight turns into a free-for-all slugging match. Of the naval variety. Magical cannons and that fun stuff. Well, magic for Tamamo, blood projectiles for Carmilla, and arrows for Atalanta.

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