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From the Depth of Bloody Bokusu

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Probably no suitable place to rant than here, again probably.

Gone, it was gone. A short story (probably a snippet to eyes of the most) due to a shitty bug. The file size is still correct but apparently the content was magically replaced with magically blanks ( or squares when i change on certain font.).
Nothing can be done, it's all gone. Manage to recover some of the story but the part that matters gone, eaten, poof. The salvageable part is just the rewrite, a slight modification of the original ones.
Again if someone read the rest of the stuff, it might just look like a rehash with some modification, mostly, probably? Still i wonder if i could even rewrite that shit or i ever get back the groove to write that again. After all, i am far from a good writer. Not even close.
Maybe i should be glad that other stories are intact, it could be worse but still. I cannot help the feeling comes with the incident.


This anger, the fiery shit of feeling. Oddly though, that make my idea of the next part clearer, kind of but still not much.
Well fuck that shit. I just write the next part, probably. I already start to write it in matter of speaking. I guess I am saving that eaten part for the last (might never see the light again, hopefully won't be that case *cross fingers*)
Now where should i put that Avalon, also that fucking Ea part. Hmm............

Thinking about it, still don't have a beta but again i still don't have a proper shit to get people read about. If one to say, i think i am doing stuff in reverse and again, bits and parts. Although i am curious to know how it fare. Not to say i have no idea the method of beta'ing if there is one, on the first place. Kind of new on this stuff........Durrrrrrrrrr.

(Goddamnit Wordpad, i shall trust you no more)
Tags: rant