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It feels like everyone's going on about No Man's Sky over the past few days; about how spectacular/ly disappointing it is, or what moderately interesting thing they found while exploring a planet, or how they got themselves killed in an embarrassing way.

However, I've been on an entirely different sci-fi binge. I'll give you a hint about what it is: Excellent games, but poor sales, and lots of purist fans who are up in arms over the last two titles. Also, it's in the title.

Metroid has seen a lot of crap from its supposed fanbase, at least if the several Metroid fans I know offline are any indication. Online is a different story, but if they can't accept even one thing about Other M of Federation Force, they can't call themselves fans because they're denying parts of the series.
I'll admit, there are exceptions to this rule. Just for one example: Shakugan no Shana Season 3. Gawd that was a disappointment.
Getting back to the Metroid fanbase though…

Fortunately, at least in my opinion, the fans who didn't like Other M seem to be grudgingly coming to accept it as part of the Metroid mythos.
My nonsensical rant of the day. Unnecesary words:
Those who hated it with a passion though… well, their rage has long since driven them insane, and they now stalk the online forums searching for any posts about Other M that don't condemn it to destruction and everyone involved in making it to a gruesome demise. And upon seeing something nonviolent about their craven nemesis, they immediately attempt to destroy that website by creating thirty troll accounts from different computers and ruining everything for everyone. And though you may know me to revel in my own absurdity, I actually knew a guy who did exactly that. We never got along. He was almost as annoying in person as he was online, that is to say, being around him was like trying to get thirty assholes to shut the hell up.

Federation Force, I agree isn't good, but at least the planets are interesting, and you can butcher reams of Space Pirates. And I also accept it as part of the overall story. Despite it clearly being a kid's game.

However, I'm not on a Metroid bender because of Metroid Prime Federation Force, no sir. I'm at that party over a different Metroid game that came out a few weeks ago. Some of you may know what I'm talking about:
After years and years of development, AM2R is finally out! (and has of course been shut down by Nintendo, but the game can still be found on the net)

For those who don't know, AM2R stands for "Another Metroid 2 Remake." But it is not just another Metroid 2 remake: This game is the real deal. It's pretty much Metroid 2 with Zero-Mission graphics and a few surprises added here and there.

I've been following that project since I was in high school. It's kind of surreal to know that it's finished, to say nothing of having actually played and beaten it. Which brings me to my second topic.

It's a sad fact of life that all North American Doujin projects are doomed to be shut down. I mean, there are good reasons for this, but some of the fangames we've (see: I've) seen had a lot of potential:

The Legend of Zelda: The Shadowgazer would have been, without question, the best fangame ever made, just on account of it being not just a good game, but a good Zelda game. The creator posted a lot of his plans for the title online: A beautiful incarnation of Hyrule, Minish Cap graphics… there was even going to be a game mechanic in which there were extra dungeons found inside people's dreams, with nightmares as the dungeon bosses. I am so sad that it's a dead project. It looked like so much fun…

Chrono Trigger: Crimson Echoes is another fangame, actually just a very big ROM hack of the original SNES game, that faced a similar fate. Fortunately it was 98.9% complete when the developers received their cease and desist notice, and someone managed to smuggle the game onto the Internet, where it just gets passed around through various download sites, much like another completed fangame, Pokémon Uranium, which I think was also finished recently. If you haven't checked out Crimson Echoes, as per the rules of this site, I cannot tell you where to find it, but if you don't want to spend your time looking for it, there's a playthrough on YouTube.
It. Is. Spectacular.

Square Enix is actually very possessive of their property (not that they shouldn't be, but if something's finished, and nobody's making money off of it, why not claim it instead of destroying it? That said. All traces of Final Fantasy VII: Dark Cloud seem to have vanished from the Internet. I'm a little surprised they haven't even banned Final Fantasy etc. fanfiction. Although, I haven't done any research for this post, so it's possible they've tried. And with Kingdom Hearts being the second highest producer of fan-written disasticles, on's Games section, I imagine many people would get very upset if that happened

So, my question of the day is, does anyone else know of any interesting fangames out there?

* Note: I already know someone is going to say Battle Moon Wars…

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  1. Draconic's Avatar
    Thank you @keo. That's… kinda embarrassing actually. Being able to change your gender in the settings is kind of disconcerting. Is it supposed to be your gender identity rather than your physical gender? Because that seems weird.

    This site is weird.

    And this isn't news to me, so why am I continuing about this.

    Also, GayBeamu, I am calm now, but you were the person who made me go demoncrazy in the first place. And now, I'm sure that the next time I try to spell democracy on my phone it will be autocorrected to a word that isn't real.
    Updated August 28th, 2016 at 10:54 PM by Draconic
  2. just Beamu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Draconic
    who made me go demoncrazy
    normal people do not talk like this
  3. Draconic's Avatar
    Yes, I know. I don't even talk like this normally, but I'm nearly falling asleep here and have fewer inhibitions. And do you really have to push me? Will a giant intergalactic lobster break through the wall of your house and drag you away into the darkness of space if you were to be polite to me?
  4. SeiKeo's Avatar
    theres no such thing as physical gender op
  5. Mcjon01's Avatar
    Other M was p bad tho, got ten minutes in and couldn't go on
  6. just Beamu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Draconic
    Yes, I know. I don't even talk like this normally, but I'm nearly falling asleep here and have fewer inhibitions. And do you really have to push me? Will a giant intergalactic lobster break through the wall of your house and drag you away into the darkness of space if you were to be polite to me?
    ignoring the ravings of intergalactic lobsters I originally just pointed out you making a strawman out of people who don't like other m for the valid reason of it being a bad game in pretty much every way other than visuals
    Quote Originally Posted by McJon01
    Other M was p bad tho, got ten minutes in and couldn't go on
    got 100% because i'm a masochist
  7. Spinach's Avatar
    >complaining about weird people on an eroge forum

  8. Draconic's Avatar
    I found Other M fine. It's not a particularly good game, but I don't think it's a particularly bad game, it just doesn't even come close to the standards we've come to recognize in Metroid games, and disappointed everyone. I can understand why people didn't like it though. Fair share of complaints on my end. I just didn't let it ruin the game for me, which only happened because I'm disgustingly upbeat. My main complaint was no missiles without switching to first person. The Ridley scene was only idiotic because of it's placement on the timeline. It would have been better for the breakdown to have been in a flashback to Zero-Mission era. And presently she'd be getting ready to splatter him all over the walls.
  9. just Beamu's Avatar
    No, even if considered completely separate from the franshise it's still crap, just not to the same extent. For one it's the only Metroid I've played that was an utter bore to play through. And saying "If they'd placed it earlier in the timeline it wouldn't be shit" doesn't change the fact that the actual placement was shit.
  10. Draconic's Avatar
    No, I was talking specifically about the scene where... never mind. It's like if it doesn't piss you off, you skip it until I say something that infuriates you... so, yeah, sure, your'e right. And you do realize that though I said "only idiotic," I still know it's idiotic, right?
    Or are you not going to pay attention to that because reading it isn't filling you with an almost irresistible urge to stab me repeatedly?

    I'm not saying it's a good game either. Just that I tolerate it.
  11. just Beamu's Avatar
    i feel no stabbing urges

    And yes I know that you're referring to the Ridley scene obviously and didn't imply that I didn't
  12. Draconic's Avatar
    No stabbing urges?
    I disagree, because the vast majority of your posts have felt like this to me:
    I'm the guy on the left, as you can see by my annoyingly cheery disposition.
    You know what? I'm bored of being serious for so long. I'm going back to my usual disposition.
    You're not the guy on the right: The one on the left is me, and the one on the right is the serious person who I was, as you put it, rollplaying. It's not nearly as difficult for me to be me.
  13. just Beamu's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Draconic
    I disagree, because the vast majority of your posts have felt like this to me
    a shame that a person disagreeing with you feels like being stabbed
  14. Draconic's Avatar
    Stabbed with a fork. C'mon, at least get it right. It's actually less the stabbing part, more the angriness part. And you don't actually seem to be disagreeing with me so much as attacking my character. But you know, abrasive as you are, I'm still so happy that you care enough to keep responding to me.

    It's the ultimate battle between positivity and negativity! Total madness and common sense! A ten story dragon and Aoko…Aozaki… oh god, I just realized that this can't possibly go well for me…
    Updated August 29th, 2016 at 11:58 PM by Draconic
  15. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar

    It's gonna get C&D'd to Hell and back within days if it ever releases.
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