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Servant Sheets Are For Nerds

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Shinedown - Heroes







Not Finished:

Rider - Cartimandua (British History)

Caster - Guinevere (false) (Arthurian Legend)

Caster - Grímhild (The Volsung Saga)

Avenger (Lostbelts) - Kriemhild

Caster - Gudrun Lily

Lemminkäinen (The Kalevala)
Ywain (Arthurian Legend) - Finished.
Oliver (The Song of Roland)
Helgi Hundingsbane Volsunga (Poetic Edda) - Finished.
Gally (Gunnm) - Finished.
Aífe (The Ulster Cycle)
Cai (Welsh Arthurian Folklore) - More info.

Lancers: 1/1

Palamedes (Arthurian Legend)

Assassins: 2/2

Julia Vipsania Agrippina (Roman History) - Finished.

Casters: 3/5

Julia Agrippina (Roman History) - Finished.
Su Daji (Fengshen Yanyi)
Morgana Pendragon Alter (Arthurian Legend) - Not Finished.
Morgana Pendragon Lily (Arthurian Legend) - Finished.

Riders: 3/4

Bedivere (Fate/prototype) - Finished.
Romulus (Roman Mythology)
Æthelflæd (English History)

Berserker: 1/2

Birdy Cephon Altera (Birdy the Mighty) - Might add more detail.
Kullervo (The Kalevala)
Célestine R. (Diary of a Chambermaid) - More detail later. Maybe.

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