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Loot Crate...Part Deux!

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It's that time of the month again, where I shamelessly show off the (sometimes) cool anime merchandise I got.
This month's theme is "Demi-Human"! There's less franchises featured this month so I'm hoping for higher quality items.
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First up is the shirt. I've never seen "Twin Star Exorcists" before so I can't say much other than it looks cool and I wouldn't be opposed to wearing it. Maybe even for the Camho thread....
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Next is the first volume of one of my favourite manga, "One Punch Man" though with an alternate front and back cover. Now I have three copies of Volume 1 bizarrely enough. I really like the back cover though, I couldn't tell you why...>_>
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Next we have a fully functioning Bleach wrist watch. Not bad, it even has Zangetsu as the second hand. Thinking about it, I don't have a wrist watch so I could see myself using this.
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Naturally we have the traditional key chains and phone charm, though these are kinda large to go on my keys. Also I don't have a phone so the charm is kinda useless to me.
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Overall, a decent crate. I don't see myself using the key chains and phone charms so if anyone in the UK wants them I wouldn't mind giving them as a gift. Next month I won't be getting the LootCrate as there isn't enough series I like to justify the purchase.