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Christopher H2

The Scarred Stars Cancelled. AGAIN!!

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Once again, the final installment of the LunarFate saga has been cancelled. I decided to step away from writing so I can focus on playing fighting games and participate in tournaments so I can earn actual money - rather than recreational money. Being a writer is really taxing on the autistic mind; people make money becoming writers - it just wasn't made for me to begin with.


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    No. I'm not a professional writer, I'm a joke. I'm terribly sorry - I wasn't thinking clearly when I made this story; there were too many flaws with my story. First of all, I made too many plot-holes in my story that I can't explain to you guys and I made it too American. Yesterday, I came to a realization that writing stories of that magnitude was just too much for one man to handle. So, I guess if I ever get back to writing, I need to make it a group project rather than a one-man wrecking crew.
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    Nothing personal - I just wasn't into it.