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The Fic List

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Here is where I'm dumping any fics I write. I have an author tag but this frankly looks nicer.

Possible Future Projects

Some contribution to the Jeanne Boom (Postponed Indefinitely)

A 3-6 chapter fic revolving around the relationship between Ferdiad and Cu Chulainn (Will write after QoF ends)

Ongoing Works

Quest of Fate. Original Characters. Fate/Apocrypha - A 'choose your own adventure' where the readers guide the actions of Seigi Nomikata the
Main Character
Self Insert
through a Sub-Catagory Holy Grail War.

Hello Nurse. Gudao, Nightingale. Fate/Grand Order - Simple hospital PWP, also a second chapter magically happened. Uploaded 15 February 2017 ~ 5553 Words. Second chapter taken down for rewrite

Finished Works

BAD FIC: No Beta Readers, We Die Like Men. Written for the 2016 Beast's Lair Secret Santa Fic. Attempt at meta and crack. Incomplete and will not receive it's own thread. Uploaded 25 December 2016 ~ 1793 Words.
Unofficial winner of the non-existent 'Best Name' category Caliginous Relationships. Medb, Scathach. Fate/Grand Order - A trash pairing inspired by the crack ships thread. Includes some adult scenes, minimal plot. Uploaded 30 November 2016 ~ 2999 Words.

Gamer Girl//Cam Girl. Jinako, Karna. Fate/Extra CCC - For the White Day 2018 Exchange contest. Prompt: ] It finally happened. Jinako ran out of money. But, she wants to continue living the NEET life with her and her Servant, Karna. The only recourse left for a useless, somewhat chunky shut-in like herself is...doing cam girl work? Make Jinako awkward when appropriate. Start off solo, but then, at the behest of the members of the live chat she's doing the show for, incorporate her Servant, Karna, into the mix. Make the lemon content escalate as you continue to incorporate the live chat into the lemon, with the anons tossing out commentary and suggestions that Jinako and Karna are obliged to fulfill as more pledges roll in. Mandatory Tag(s): bunnygirl_suit, glasses, webcam, male_and_female pair, voeyurism-via-livestream -- add more at your own discretion. ~ 4593 Words.

Prelude. Unnamed Character. Fate/Apocrypha - Drabble based around the end of the one of the many unsuccessful Grail Wars in the Apocrypha-verse. Uploaded 23 January 2017 ~ 398 Words.

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  1. Prix with a Silent X's Avatar
    Hey, cool! I have one of these, too. The future projects bit is too scary for me, though. Too much like accountability in a very unstable world.
  2. Draconic's Avatar
    Yet Untitled Medb and Scathach Fic
    …It's happening!
  3. Zurvan's Avatar
    Yet Untitled Medb and Scathach Fic
    Continuation on Sparks Liner High
    Well, you've got me excited. Best of luck with your writing! Looking forward to reading your work.
  4. Raylen Cypher's Avatar
    More PWP.
    As in...
    -Porn Without Plot?
    -Porn With Plot?
    -Plot Without Porn?
    -Plot With Porn?
    -Plot Porn Plot Por-

    Somecontributionto theJeanne Boom.
  5. Bird of Hermes's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Raylen Cypher
    As in...
    -Porn Without Plot?
    -Porn With Plot?
    -Plot Without Porn?
    -Plot With Porn?
    -Plot Porn Plot Por-
  6. Raylen Cypher's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bird of Hermes
    You're gonna go far little bird.