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How unusual

Involuntary Data Purging

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Don't you just love it when Google synchronizes your phone and deletes every note you made over the past week?

Yep… as you can probably imagine, I was uncharacteristically serious mood last night. Serious and furious.

So I back up my phone, from the cloud, which backed up yesterday. Thank god, I'm not going to—

Oh, what's this? An error message? And what's this? My phone—which I just reset—has a backup from yesterday but that has now been deleted for god knows what goddamn reason. Latest backup is now from September 24th. So now I've lost a month of work. HOORAY! Thank you so much, Google! You're the fucking greatest.

About half an hour ago, I finally managed to get some of them back because Google crapped out again or something and even though my mail server didn't have my notes anywhere, it still…had my notes somewhere.

It didn't even make sense… I have no idea what the bitch is happening.

So now I have some of them back, but some of my in-progress stories aren't up to date anymore. And yet, somehow, I still feel relieved.



  1. mAc Chaos's Avatar
    Something similar happened to me but with all the photos I'd taken on the phone. It was like 800 of them.