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Imperial Privilege

That New Relationship Smell

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I know I tend to wax maudlin in most of my blogs, so here's some good news.

I'm dating someone new. So new, in fact, that we are coming up on one month together.

The whole thing really took me by surprise.

We met at a haunted house we had both been hired for as cast members and introduced ourselves in a conversation that lasted maybe thirty seconds. About a week later, we had a five minute conversation. A little while later, she messaged me on Facebook asking me out on a date.

It turns out she did some recon on me and tracked down an old friend to pump him for information on whether or not I was date-worthy material. He pulled off some world class wing manning, and here we are.

I am still pleasantly flabbergasted. I've never been pursued so aggressively before. Not only did she ask me out first, she's been the one initiating almost every step of the relationship. We all want to be wanted, and she's certainly setting the bar in that field. I can't remember the last time someone was this enamored with me.

As a guy, I am usually the one who does the pursuing. The guy typically makes the first move, plans the first date, puzzles over the signs as good or bad. In that sense, my new relationship isn't so different: She has all the power. But she is in the driver's seat, coming up with all of the date ideas and dragging me into every adventure that pops into her head.

If she's content to drive, I am content to ride shotgun as she takes me on this wild journey into a relationship I never saw coming.

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  1. Five_X's Avatar
    Certainly a change of pace from your last blog, eh? Hope things go well for the both of you, though!