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How unusual

These exist…?!

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I already knew about the Zero version who comes with Invisible Air, so she isn't listed…

My god… so many Sabers… So little money!!! And then there's Gilgamesh, and the Twilight Princess incarnations of Link and Zelda coming out next year…

I can't take the stress!
Tags: figma, saber, SEIBAH


  1. Depletion_Garden's Avatar
    There's a Lily one too and a Saber 2.0 with upgraded more detailed figma parts.

    What bloody rock were you living under?
  2. Draconic's Avatar
    I have the 2.0 already! How idiotic do you think I am?! That's the most readily available one so far as I've seen.

    Also, this one:
    Updated November 23rd, 2016 at 04:45 PM by Draconic