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Fate/Grand Order Doujinshi That Don't Suck

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It's time to put a little bit of light back into the world. Somebody has to provide the people with good F/GO material, but the diamonds are buried beneath mountains of coal and shitty art. So, here's a gift from me to you: a list of F/GO hentai recommendations, courtesy of yours truly.

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[Latest Update: 3/2]


The first part of this doujin starring Matthew is excellent. Very thick kohai = A+ from AvengerEmiya. Jeanne and Scáthach's pages are decent as well, but Matthew is obviously the star here.

An easy recommendation.

Emiya-san-chi no Oyakodon {Tsumugi}
Tsumugi typically always did yaoi before this doujin, and it shows. Its very josei-esque in its art style, and despite being drawn with a male-audience in mind, traces of yaoi remain within. While most male-oriented hentai tries its best to keep everything above the guy's neck out of view as much as possible, you can't go a full page without going a shot of EMIYA or EMIYA. Oh, and that's another neat thing about this work: EMIYA and EMIYA actually interact in it.

The art isn't the greatest, but EMIYAx2 sharing some banter earns it extra points.

Continuous Paizuri Preservation Agency {Kurikara & Kujiran}

The title pretty much says it all. It's nothing but paizuri. If you're a tits man (or lady) you might like this. Otherwise, its pretty meh.

Continuous Paizuri Preservation Agency 2 {Kurikara & Kujiran}
More paizuri, but this time with Tamamo Cat. Legend has it that Kujiran used to draw doujins that weren't 99% titty-fucking. Personally, I don't believe in superstitions.

But yeah. Still kinda meh.

RE 23 {RUBBISH Selecting Squad}
The only yuri on this list. Though, its mostly only "yuri" in name. It's really just tentacle porn, so it might not scratch that true girl-on-girl itch yuri lovers are looking for. But hey, tentacle porn is always welcome around these parts.

Please Train Me, Teacher {Gingami}

Do you have any idea how deep my heart was sinking over the thought that I wasn't going to be able to find a good Scáthach doujin? Or how high it leaped when I finally did? And I found one with had good, unique art? And it was in full color? And Scáthach was exceedingly thick in it?


Oyobare {Tsuyoshi}
It's pretty easy to tell when a shoujo/josei artist is having a go at trying to make a doujin for guys - they typically focus more on characterization than sex. This one's a Dantes x Gudako romance, and the romance is the biggest strength here. Not to say that the art is bad, it's just... Well, the sexual content is way too brief if we're being honest. If you like Dantes, or just like seeing Gudako be submissive, I think its worth a read still.

For some reason doujins like this don't get translated very often.

Suisei Mushi {Ban}
Up until I found Please Train Me, Teacher; this was the best F/GO doujin I could find. It features Shuten, and while I typically don't care for Shu, Ban did amazing things with her. Its getting increasingly rare these days to find artists this skilled in using clean and sharp line art. Which is a shame since, in my opinion, the curvatures of the line art is the biggest deciding factor of sexual appeal when it comes to hentai, and really just erotic art in general. But, for whatever reason, artists continue to bog themselves down with excessiveness in an effort to make their work "sexier" when it just ends up looking "messier" instead.

And there is no greater example on this list than...

Shuten to Raikou no Yukemuri Daisakusen {Nuezou}

Holy crapballs. Nuezou seem to be getting more immoderate with each new work. He's beginning to look like the Sparrow of hentai with all this cum-geysering. I don't even think my Sexy vs. Messy statement from earlier even factors since I think Nuezou is trying to make his work look messy.

Anyway, if you're into shameless filth and girls being turned into literal cum dumpsters (or you just really, really like Raiko) this is for you. If not... Well, read it anyway. It's fucking hilarious.

Fate/TDorder course:Alexander {Ikezaki Misa}
Yaoi doujins have a sorry fate in the Fate community. It rare for them to get translated - for obvious reasons. I don't think that's going to be the case for this though. This is quality BL right here, and Alex is "pretty" enough for guys who like to lie to themselves to pretend like they aren't reading yaoi. The Waver bonus page at the end is perfect icing on the cake.

Most definitely a must read if you catch a tingle between your thighs while thinking about the not-quite-yet King of Conquerors.


Aaaaand... that's pretty much it. Everything else was either too bare bones or terrible. Hope you have similar taste than mine, otherwise this list won't be of much use to you.

[:::3/2 Update:::]

Yuube wa Otanoshimi deshita ne. {Blade}
Blade is one of the best loli artists ever. Honestly, he's one of the best hentai artists in general ever, but he knows where he true strengths lie, and will even go so far as to lolify teenage characters to better fit his aesthetic. This is dedication I can respect.

This doujin involves Elizabeth; specifically, Brave Elizabeth (or Elizabeth Brave. However you say it), and its the exactly the type of quality I expect from Blade's circle, Galaxist. The line art is wonderful and curvaceous, the expressions are cute, and the coloring is always on point whenever Galaxist decide they want to include it. Really, Blade to me is like the loli alternative to Namaniku ATK. Everything I've said about Blade can be applied to Namaniku, because they both just do everything flawlessly. It gives me the impression that they both go in asking themselves: "Hmm... What's the sexiest thing I could fit into every single panel?"

It goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: Recommended. Hell, here's a little bit extra for your troubles.

Ryouomoi nara Seibetsu Nante Kankeinai yo ne {Ichiri}
Of course the first GO yaoi doujin that gets translated would include Astolfo. Of course it would. I'm just imagining the wave of hentai that'll be riding off of Apocrypha's anime adaption. Mordred and her daisy dukes will get a spike, Semiramis and Shirou will be the subject of many a vanilla doujin, and Jack will go on to threaten Illya's claim as Type-Moon's Queen of Jailbait. But what I'm most expecting is the downpour of SiegxAstolfo doujins. Oh boy, aren't those just gonna flood the cons. It'll be great for Fate's porn relevance since the franchise was really lacking in fujoshi-bait.

...Oh, and I guess we'll get some new Jeanne material too. Honestly, I'm just expecting a lot of mind break stuff with her.

But yeah, this is the most saccharine GO doujin that I've read yet. I wouldn't say the art is spectacular (Ichiri is no Ikezaki), but all things considered, its pretty decent. More importantly, its super sweet.

Recommended so long as you aren't diabetic.

GACHArity {Minakuchi Takashi}
I wish there was more casual sex in hentai. I'm talking: Girl meets Guy > Guy and Girl have causal no-strings-attached sex > Both of them then proceed to go about their day/lives. There's just something about the dynamic of sex with no further commitment or consequence that I find really hot in contrast to how it usually is: They fall in love, they tragically separate, the guy gets NTR'd, the story ends with a comedic punchline, etc. This is why Mash taking cash a Summoning Ticket from her dad some stranger, and then takes the longstoke before going about her regular business was one of the most erotic things I've read in a doujin in a while.

That being said, the rest of doujin with Liz is pretty good too. I especially like how Minakuchi uses flesh. The girls his circle draw don't feel like they're made out of inflatable rubber, or jiggle like Jell-O; they have actual definition to their proportions that sink and squish the way you would expect an actual ass or a pair of breasts to sink or squish. Not to say that styles that do go in that direction are bad styles. It's just refreshing to see a smoother and more down to earth aesthetic for once.

It's good. You should read it. I would recommend watching this video first, though.

RE24 {RUBBISH Selecting Squad}
Another gift from the RUBBISH Selecting Squad. This time its slime. You like slime? You like petite dragon girls getting molested by slime? You like like dragon girls getting stomach-deformed by slime? You like Jeanne Alter Lily (for like two pages)? Well, gee, I've got great news for you!

While not on the level of Yuube wa Otanoshimi deshita ne. at all , I'd still recommend it for those who meet the above mentioned fetishes. Personally, I think RUBBISH would be the best if they didn't keep stacking weird, specific fetishes on top of their other weird, specific fetishes, but I guess somebody has to or nobody would.

Okita-san Shitataru {Konomi}
This is the only Okita doujin I felt should be listed, and I still don't even think it's that good. I think the first half is nice (with Dat Booti and all), but things drop off once the actual sex start because, like a lot of artists, Konomi and his circle aren't very good at making sex "appealing". You see, fucking is kinda boring when you aren't involved in it. Hence why being a porn director isn't as easy a job as many people would assume. There's more to porn direction than just dynamic angles and money shots, and its even harder if you're a porn "artist", because unless you're one of the guys who does animations (2D or 3D), you lack the powerful tool of movement. And simulating the vigor and movement of sex with just drawings is hard. Really hard.

Now, if you're somebody like Yoshiura Kazuya this isn't really an issue, since Yoshiura-sensei's work is so expressive and fluid, it puts most animated stuff to shame. Unfortunately, most hentai mangaka aren't on his level; Konomi included.

It's good for an Okita doujin, but most of those are "bleh" anyway, so...

Updated March 12th, 2017 at 11:09 PM by AvengerEmiya

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  1. Frostyvale's Avatar
    Thank you my friend, you're doing a noble thing.
  2. ZidanReign's Avatar
    The Raikou one I stand by being goddamned hilarious and amazing.
  3. Leftovers's Avatar
    But neither of the best GO doujins is on there.
  4. JetKinen's Avatar
    I think at the end of day, for me, i actually get more mileage out of funny doujins than other ones so the Raikou one is also my favorite one

    Menea the Dog is my current favorite Doujin Artist
  5. Nuclear Consensus's Avatar
    Yaoi doujins have a sorry fate in the Fate community. It rare for them to get translated - for obvious reasons.
    why even live
  6. AvengerEmiya's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Leftovers
    But neither of the best GO doujins is on there.
    What are those?

    ...Because I looked at all of them, and the majority weren't impressive.
  7. Leftovers's Avatar
  8. AvengerEmiya's Avatar
    Yea, I read those while making this list. Thought they were pretty average.

    I mean, the Kiyohime one is unique in concept at least, but aside from that, I wouldn't particularly praise it for anything. Maybe I've just read too much lamia-girl stuff, but I found it "meh".
  9. ItsaRandomUsername's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsaRandomUsername
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    Hows blackbeard mannerisms in that doujin