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BMT Journal Week 0-3 Sunday (Christmas) WIP

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Week 2 Sunday

Decided to write down an informal blog/journal. Will probably post this on BL sometime in tech school. So onto today. Today was what everyone calls Grilled Cheese and Jesus (Atheist for me) day. Read it’s Sunday. No instructors. Slow morning. Lots of folding and talking.

So I went to the Atheist/Humanist “service.” It was pretty cool. Talked about how to relieve stress besides praying and how stress can be viewed positively. Like if you view stress positively, you actually do better statistically. Then you know you’re in the right place when some music starts playing and people pull out makeshift glowsticks (One highlighter. One flashlight) and start doing a mini concert. This went on for every movie trailer, game trailer, and the anime trailer. THAT’S RIGHT ANIME TRAILER. So while I was there, the hosts/chaplain went “who is ready for Kingdom Hearts news? : D” I was pumped then I realized it was… Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. It wasn’t Kingdom Hearts III.

On a side note, I’m fully desensitised to dicks. So someone came out of the shower and yelled “WHERE IS MY TOWEL!” I looked down and went “Oh he doesn’t.” Checked my towel then proceeded to yell at him that I didn’t have his stinking towel. Beyond that… Nothing interesting

I guess I’ll place a list of what happened pre-writing.

Week 0 Tuesday:
  • Zero Night.
  • Future friend loses coat due to fear of picking it up and instructor ripping him a new one for moving out of position.
  • Find bed. Sleep at 2:30?

Week 0 Wednesday:
  • Wake up hellishly early.
  • Get issued uniform.
  • Scripted phone call.
  • Nearly crying like a bitch.
  • Introduce self
  • Mentioned like Anime. Suddenly friends

Week 0 Thursday

Week 0 Friday
  • Introduction to Dry cleaning

Week 0 Saturday
  • What happened?

Week 0 Notes:
  • How long have I been here?
  • Two years?
  • What do you mean, I’ve only been here a week?!?

Week 1 Sunday
  • Grilled Cheese and Buddha day
  • The Buddhist service was very dry and boring.

Week 1 Monday
  • Weapons Dismantling (Rifle)
  • First Letter

Week 1 Tuesday
  • Got my 2nd Letter
  • Assigned my detail. DAY ROOM
  • It’s so easy.

Week 1 Wednesday
  • 3rd Letter
  • Feeling the Love.
  • Got in trouble.
  • Paperwork pulled. Chance of honor graduate gone.
  • Something stupid.

Week 1 Thursday
  • Group member almost recycled back a week.

Week 1 Friday
  • The cool main instructor is leaving ;_;
  • Replacements for next week

Week 1 Saturday
  • Uh…. What did I do yesterday?

So that’s everything prior to today… I don’t remember too much because some of these days feel like months and even years ago… Like seriously.

Week 2 Monday

So sub MTI is coming at around lunch time. But man we’re starting classes today and…. We’re late. Sort of worried at first since the classroom instructor was absolutely pissed off. One lap of the hallway, backpacks off, sitting at the position of attention, and all we had was 90 seconds for one hundred people people to do that.

We made it with six seconds to spare. Turns out he was super chill afterwards. He was cracking jokes. We were having a fun but nervous time, because we’ve been yelled at by him and people like him for the past two weeks.

Then he got serious again because some idiots talked in the hallway that we aren’t supposed to be talking in. To make things worse, they lied and said that they didn’t know they weren’t supposed to talk in said hallway… Dang it brother group. Get your crap together.

Then he went back to joking after he got everyone in trouble. Questions of note for our day of classes were “What is a roundabout?” “What if I find a $100 bill underneath a rock?” and turns out I won’t be showing up online for Christmas. Hell I don’t even know if I can phone home yet! So until otherwise, sock folding and talking about home.

So got our sub MTI, he was pretty chill. He admitted that he literally got the call to show up like at 1100. He met us at around 1430. Did PT with him. Started cramping up during the run. Curse my feeble legs but I ain’t stopping my 26 minute jog.

So after that chow, and I started talking with my fellow Day Room Crew. We started talking about history and mythology. So we jumped all over the place. And tomorrow is new trainee day. Read someone’s day is bound to suck tomorrow.

Week 2 Tuesday

Two Week anniversary woooooooooo. Someone’s day is sucking right now. So locker inspection today. Failed it because lint and small small stupid mistakes. UGHHHHHHHHHH. Note to self, buy lint roller. So lots of sitting and studying while we wait for people to be inspected or to be inspected. And I was really worried for this one guy. He got all 24 demerits. ALL 24. The instructor was so flabbergasted that he couldn’t EVEN. He took some paperwork because NEVER IN HIS WHOLE CAREER SOMEONE GOT ALL 24.

Day was easy. Did better on the Muscular Strength PT. Read I did more reps on things before collapsing on the ground. God I hate my arms and weakass body so much. So easy day was easy right? Wrong. Some dumbass had to speak in front of the instructor when we were supposed to be quiet. We get called on it and the culprit doesn’t come forward… So instead of just one of us getting in trouble. We all got in trouble… Goddamn it.

Week 2 Wednesday

Another replacement instructor. Somehow finished our beds and details on time. But we didn't dust down properly. So we got rushed out. Had a panic attack. Forgot my gloves heading out. The dorm was locked. So far, no one has noticed my lack of gloves. Only a matter of time till I'm found out... Or not.

Manged to not get caught because CLASSES all day long. So in class, we have this one guy from brother group who says the most outrageous and stupid things. Like he claims that he had a full ride to LSU for Dancing and Football (American), dance champion in an English competition, and led his football team to state on the first go. So he's full of shit. Afterwards, did PT.

Ran back up to my dorm and discovered that I had two things of paperwork pulled. One for forgetting my gloves on my chair. The other for forgetting to have two plastic bags in my dirty clothes bag... TWO paperworks for ABSOLUTELY DUMB THINGS I COULD'VE PREVENTED.

GOD I SUCK. I'm definitely not getting honor grad now.

Week 2 Thursday

So dead tired. Had wake up at 0330. Must obtain coffee... Didn't obtain coffee... Slightly perked up from breakfast thanks to Krave (Praise the Krave). Okay let's visit the warehouse for my detail. Hopefully I don't have to move loads of boxes or be under the constant watch of an instructor.

Turns out it was pretty chill. I ended up just shredding paper for like six hours. So it was just my old job's first task. Organize and shred paper for hours. The other groups ended up counting items and placing together chains. So everything was like turbo easy. On top of that, we could talk and listen to MUSIC. HOLY CRAP MUSIC. I haven't heard music in like forever (in reality two weeks and two days). To top things off, we had an HOUR LUNCH. That's fifty more minutes than I was allowed in chow. Then we got to choose our MREs. Didn't like any of the MREs out? Go open a box and pick through that one.

Man am I glad I got this instead of KP (kitchen police) detail today. So during that time frame, remember that guy who got all 24 demerits for his locker? Yeah he did something stupid again. So he was in the counting stuff group, I was walking over to let them know its lunch time soon. Told them and stayed for the remainder of time until time to eat.

So we were by some of the stuff that trainee/new instructor clothing. So this new male instructor comes up and goes "Do you know where the instructor hats are at?" I attempt to answer him, but my friend (24 demerits guy) beat me to the punch.

"Sir, trainee <Censored> reports as ordered. The female hats are over there."

He then proceeds to point at the female instructor hats and is being dead serious. Not even batting an eye. I ended up whipping my head at him. Staring at him. Then turning my head to the instructor and just seeing him go absolutely red with anger. That's when I realized I got to do something.

"S-sir, trainee <Kuroyuki> reports as ordered. The male hats are over there."

Everyone else is resisting the urge to laugh because the second we do that. Our ass is totally grass. So one guy actually walked away very rapidly. Went to the bathroom and then proceeded to laugh.

That was the highlight of the day. So we got back to the dorms. Ate chow. Went to the dry cleaners. Couldn't find my uniform. Wot m8. Went to the cleaners. They couldn't find it. So they told me to come back in an hour or two. Showered, cleaned the dorm, and went back. Apparently no one picked it up and that I was "to come again tomorrow." So went back to the dorms. Did more cleaning.

Played baseball (day room edition). One rolled sock. Our hands. One fun time. I was the catcher for my team and we barely lost. It was my fault... So one of the batters hit the ball under the couch and I went to grab it... But my arm was too short to reach it so they ended up going home before I could grab it. OTL

Week 2 Friday

Today started out worrying. There was an uniform check and discrepancies would get some disciplinary paperwork pulled. During that time frame, our instructor stopped in front of me. OH FUCKKKKKKKK. I'm deaddddddddd.

"Trainee, your hat... is off."

Then she told me how to properly adjust and wear it. Whew. I thought I was going to get pulled... So after that, we had classes. Chow. Came back to dorm. Had guard duty. Normally it's an "Ugh suck it up and do it" moment, but not this time. This time our instructor of the day was ripping everyone a new one. The reason? It was because someone told him that some people stayed up at night.

What the hell man?!? Are you trying to kill all of us?!? So what happened was everyone was placed on their face and I got to stand at the door. Acting like it wasn't problem. Well it wasn't really. I went to bed like a good person... Sleeping in said bed is a different story. How do you think these get done? <.<

So dorm cleaning. Dinner chow. Did more dorm cleaning. Got the mandatory 15 minutes break. Bought a poweraid and then a nutterbutter... Yeah I was eating something healthy despite my new ability to buy something like a honey bun and soda for the first time in two weeks. So going to cut this short in case of a night raid.

So ciao o/

Week 2 Saturday (Christmas Eve)

Merry Christmas Eve~ Today was PT... and that's pretty much it. Lots of sitting. Lots of talking. Going to a store run. Hell yeah I made my own lightsab- glowst- I mean flashlight attachment. A certain sharpie highlighter. A flashlight and I'm ready for lightsaber duels or for a concert. Bought this one guy I was chill a long sleeved shirt since he couldn't go to the store. In exchange, I got some cash when we went down and got some stuff from the vending machines at our patio.

While I was at it, I started brainwash... I mean introduce some nice easy animes for a new person to watch. I had to shoot down a lot of other suggestions like Ghost in the Shell and Madoka. A little too much too quickly unless you already liked stuff like that.

Week 3 Sunday (Christmas!)

Merry Christmas! Same old stuff soon. Had a 0230 to 0430 guard shift suddenly thrust upon me. Was a little irritated but I haven't done it for a bit... So meh I'll do it. Talked with my usual assigned partner about games and what we would've done for Christmas at home. Man I miss Cinnamon Rolls. ;_; Okay heading off shift.

1 hour 45 minutes of sleep. Said Merry Christmas to group. Got up stripped my bed. Got chow. Started cleaning the bay. Drama started in the latrine. Stayed away from that. Currently being the temp guard while someone goes to there service. I'll be leaving soon enough to my own.

So... I forgot this when I went to my Atheist service. Someone might have read my absolutely boring journal. So beyond that. Lunch was great. Got some pudding (pudding~ pudding!) since we were out of apple Pies, chocolate cakes, and cheesecake. It tasted sooooo good because I haven't had a dessert since I got here! Soondere movies!

So about those movies... We were delayed on that. So instead I got to watch bay swimming! Read crawling underneath beds and seeing who can do that the fastest. So movies still not even announced after like an hour. Granted I could dig another hour of bay swimming or bay baseball.

Finally the announcement for the movies. Went to all of the different rooms. There wasn't like anything good. Like the best ones were Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Rise of the Guardians. I've seen Ghosts of Girlfriends Past before so I watched Rise of the Guardians. So we stopped the movie about 45 minutes in so we could get our Christmas phone call.

Let it be noted, I was supposed to get the movie and phone calls earlier. So I'm sitting in a room. Staring at the group cell phone container intently... Waiting for the instructor briefing... For thirty minutes... Got the phone. Now staring at it intently... Waiting. Check phone briefly. One bar... Well shit. I don't want my calls to drop. Oh thank god. I can go into the hallway and do my calls. Two bars isn't ideal but I'll take it. Wanted thirty minutes of calls/phone use (hop onto IRC. Say Merry Christmas to everyone), but got 15 minutes for pure phone calls. So I divided that into 7 minutes 30 seconds each for my mom and dad. Finished that up. Went back to watch movies... from the beginning... for 30 minutes. Well at least I got to watch it.

So dinner was slow. Got served food by officers. The first sergeant gave me cake and an apple pie since I was one of the last people there for dessert. Got back and looks like people are working on a system for DnD BMT edition. Looks like I'll start writing up some character for this... Or I might be lazy and just use an anime character... Like Seiba or Vira. Anyways good night.

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