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I'm now a graduate (Associate's Degree) one down, one or two to go.

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Leonard Norwood Jr. here. (or Leon)

I've been very busy still celebrating my graduation From Tidewater Community College. Despite I have to retake one of my calculus class again so I can get a better grade so it can be transferrable to Norfolk State University, at the very least I now reached my goal in obtaining my associates degree.

What's next is to continue my education and go for a Bachelor's degree. I've been fixated on computers for the longest time, so I figured I would make my life out of doing something with computers. Programming, Networking, whatever fits me or all of the above that I can enjoy doing and at the same time, make other people happy with what I make can provide them. I can't wait for my graduation cookout to begin on Saturday, in conjuction with my Dad's birthday. I know it will be a blast.

Besides that I haven't been playing too much video games or visual novels lately as I have been focusing on my studies for good reasons. Same thing with being on Beast's Lair. I still love coming here and that's all it is, I'm just doing what I have to do.

Looking back right now, I feel proud of what I've accomplished with my studies. And hopefully so I can manage doing my thing while conversing with others on this forum, and keep up to date and continue doing RL stuff and just being out there with others and feel more comfortable doing activities and cool stuff.

(As for my visits on Beast's Lair forums.
Considering from the previous years, I haven't done much here, often why my posts and blogs aren't that much, And sometimes feels empty. Now that I'm taking a break from college just to get some things together to do Norfolk State University, possibly next year, just doing the same old, except maybe I got something interesting to talk about this time around hopefully.
I've been up to date with most news of Type Moon works, at least I manage well with that. But for reason, I still feel a bit left out mostly because I haven't experienced much of the good stuff Type-Moon has released lately, often reducing to just looking and listen to people as they post and talk about stuff I really want to experience.
Well when I'm on a budget, and some games are really expensive. It just means I have to manage my money better so i can have the means that's all. Importing still is a b***h these days...

Right now I don't want to let some things that I did or didn't do on Beast's Lair undermine the fact that I graduated big time. After 3 1/2 or a bit more I finally got my Associate Degree. my specialization is computer science. I'm looking forward to learning how to programming and move my way up to making video games. I don't know what I might do first when it comes to video games, I haven't done much brainstorming for some reason during the semesters. These 3 months are good time to start now and come up with an idea I want to eventually make into realization. I'll think of something for various things, but right now I just want to enjoy my days coming up for the next week or so.

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    The Yen is finally down, so importing is a bit easier than it has been for a while.

    Great job on your degree, man!
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    Congratulations as well.
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    I've never seen you around here before.