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Keeping it going.

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Hi everyone,

Given the fact that this has been some time since I blog in perhaps anywhere, I'm a little nervous again especially considering that I'm now out of college, and into an unknown beginning of my chapter of my adult life.

College life was plenty fun. Going to football games, doing programming, software development, learning the ropes a little bit on the subject and then some. Ultimately I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. So that's something I know that I earned. Now I'm looking for a job or internship for some training, and I already got at least one visual novel working on my computer, with the rest incoming sooner or later. My interest in video game development has not left my head, although even now, I'm in the process of practicing programs and other software development so I can get my foot in the door and start doing interesting stuff. Luckily I got a few tools I got on my mind that I'm going to use. One day at a time, and plenty of hours to put into. A simple checkerboard program is cool, but there's more to do. And the best way to go at is, is plan accordingly and learn how to effectively use the tools I have, even if it takes so many hours, up to the "10,000 hours" thing I heard about.

Things in my life have been slightly steady, with time I need to use well. And as I'm looking at my books, I'm thinking about the things I want to do next for another small project until I'm good and confident enough that I'm ready for take one that may help me out in the long run. Another thought running is my mind is the fact that I have to get myself to realize that this is exactly what I had been educated on enough to learn how to manage this thing, and truly have to put a lot of time into this. Without creativity, dedication, imagination, and a will to get things done, things won't happen. Even after graduation, I'm trying not to be lazy. Some mistakes were made, but it was worth to learn the lessons from to make sure that I now have it in me to do what I can and be okay in life.

I think that's it for now. I tend to go off tangent. Other blogs will only be on video games, and visual novels. I could blog about...maybe a program I'm working on or something computer-related that's interesting and that's it. Actually I was supposed to be going back to practice, but I was taking care of some babysitting business that has now concluded. At least I can plan ahead for this week, and work on something a little bigger.


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    good luck