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So I actually got some Type-Moon merchandise this time (Amongst other stuff).

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From top to bottom - left to right:

"Youjo Senki" Volumes 2 (Plus Ultra) and 3 (The Finest Hour). "The Night Is Short, Walk on Girl " by Tomihiko Morimi the same author behind Tatami Galaxy. "Psycho Logical" Parts 1 & 2 which are from the Zaregoto series. "Fate/Prototype - Pale Silver Fragments" volumes 1 & 2 by Hikaru Sakurai. And finally Musubimonogatari by Nisioisin.

So only a quarter of the merch was actually Type-Moon products, but that's a lot higher than it normally is.
Still, I'd say this haul was worth all the money I wallet isn't too happy with me though.


  1. LJ3's Avatar

    do you spend around the same for games or such?
  2. Skull's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by LJ3
    do you spend around the same for games or such?
    Nah, games are much more expensive whereas books are suprisingly cheap in Japan.

    All these books combined would come to around the price of one video game.