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"Residual thoughts" is a term used to describe supernatural phenomena, the inner psychological world, and spirituality. When humans think hard about something, they identify with [residual] thoughts such as feelings and thoughts that are considered to remain in that location.

In an example, an observer sees the spot where a human passed away, which leaves a powerful impression in their mind afterwards. This also applies to spirituality, where at times, physical effects such as headaches and nausea manifest, and it is interpreted to be part of being affected by the deceased's [residual] thoughts remaining in the spot where they passed away. In particular, locations considered to be haunted spots and "power spots" (places thought to be flowing with mystical energy), are said to cause the living to be easily prone to negative physical effects from numerous [residual] thoughts remaining in these areas. Such [residual] thoughts could be the fear of humans who were gripped by terror, and humans' powerful desires. Even oddities that are called vengeful spirits and monsters, are explained to have been born from said residual thoughts.

Apart from locations, [residual] thoughts also dwell in objects, and these could be the angry or sad emotions of the owners. They are interpreted to bring misfortune to humans who handle or possess said objects. One supernatural power, an ability named "psychometry", verifies incidents, humans, sources, and origins strongly relating to and surrounding these objects, but this, too, is interpreted as reading the objects' residual thoughts.


In the English language, it's best translated to "residual impressions".

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