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Finally got the last Kara no Kyoukai LNs plus some more stuff.

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So I finally gave in and bought the last two books in the Kara no Kyoukai series. The one on the right contains Oblivion Recorder/Murder Speculation and the one on the left is Recalled Out Summer.
Aside from that I also picked up Fate/Prototype Pale Silver Fragments Volume 3, I'm really enjoying this series so far, it's quickly becoming one of my favourite Fate works. <3
Another series I've really been getting into is "Youjo Senki" which is currently airing as "Saga of Tanya" or something. Anyway, I got Volume 4 of that.
Lastly I got Volumes 2-4 of the Digimon movie sets, each volume features the movies from each season so that is Adventure 02, Tamers and Frontier. I got Volume 1 last year so I decided to get the rest.

All in all, another satisfying batch of weeb merch.