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The madman's asylum

Wall of Shame blog #1

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Hooboy. Let's start with explaining myself.

The biggest reason why I didn't send anything to Kirby is that I massively overestimated my free time available for writing a fic. I might have salvaged it if I worked on the fic the entire month, but I didn't have a solid grasp on what I'm going to write until two weeks have passed. And after that I was just massively starved for time and sleep.

Working is hard.

Anyway, I am sorry to Kirby, the prompter and everyone who took part in the contest. No matter the reasons I had, I am to blame for my misshaps.

Now then, I'm scraping this part anyway, so I could safely release it while I keep trying to write the prompt.

WhenI first heard of her, I imagined intense firestorms that woulddevour everything standing in their way.Mangled bodies of fallen soldiers and burnt homes in Orleans onlyseemed to strengthen the image.

WhenI first met her, however, I was met with confusion instead. She waslike a fire incarnate, indeed, but her flames seemed so fickle. Ifelt that they would be extinguished once the walls of the liessurrounding her existence crumbled. And words that escaped my mouththat day confirmed my suspicions.

Shedisappeared in a wave of golden sparks without much hope for everappearing before me or master of Chaldea ever again.

Andyet, the Dragon Witch proved to be more stubborn than the world thattried to erase her existence. Not once, but twice did she turn tomischief to try and become something more than an ephemeral dream ofa man who drowned himself in madness and heresy.


Thanksto the kindness of a sixteen year old girl and wisdom of a peerlessgenius, Jeanne obtained a proper saint graph.

Nomore struggling to simply sustain her fragile spirit.

Nomore haunting phantoms to feed her rage.

Witha black flag swaying in her hand and a sword covered in fire inanother, she was free to unleash flames of her revenge on her enemiesand smirk at the sight of the world that denied her for so long. Ofcourse, Gudako had her agree to avoid spilling blood of innocents,but she was the avatar of destruction otherwise.

However,Jeanne managed to thwart everyone's expectations yet again.

I will be switching to first person POV of Jeanne Alter for the entirety of the fic, so I'd rather not confuse myself. Speaking of the prompt itself, I don't see how Jeanne Alter and Jeanne can have consensual sex, so I'll have to limit the deed to the waxplay only.

Not that it means I can't do consensual yuri goodness. It just won't be JxJ.



  1. SeiKeo's Avatar
    Respect for working to finish anyway
  2. Bloble's Avatar
    You tried, and that means something.