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I mentioned this in RT but a blog was a bit more appropriate.

After spending monday morning packing, I picked up my girlfriend and drove of with my parents to Center Parcs for the week. We spent most of Monday walking around the forest we went the the central sports village where the activity centre and restaurants are and after eating, we went straight to our villa. After me and my gf called dibs on the master bedroom (it has a double bedand a tv built in the walls) we ended up having a few G&Ts before falling asleep. Well I say sleep, turns out I snore so she woke me up a few times.

Tuesday we had a lay-in, also apparently my dad slept on the sofa instead of the bed as it was comfier. Apparently.
Anyways, as the weather was lovely, me and my girlfriend went for a walk in the morning in the grounds, we got a little lost but we found out way back in an hour. Then did some adventure golf with her (turns out we're both bad at it), had lunch at the bakery then went to the pool where I spent most of my time trying to teach her to swim. She can paddle when holding onto a float and glide for a few feet when kicking off but that's literally it.
I paid for dinner for the 4 of us as it was Steak Night at one of the restaurants in the sport village and i'm weak for it. Afterwards we went back to the villa and while dad went straight to sleep, the rest of us had another G&T before sleep.

This will become a common trend.

Wednesday showed the unpredictability of british weather. On UK breaks you need to pack for great weather and crap weather as it's unpredictable. While yesterday had glorious sunshine, Wednesday had torrential rain.
We booked a badminton court for a morning with rotating teams, dad plays the game regularly so his teams won every game. Around the afternoon; me and mum tried out fencing and we ended up duelling each other. I had speed of attack and movement while she had reach and the fact I didn't really want to fight her, I just about won 5-3.
In condolences of finding out the sports bar had no nachos, I got myself a Long Island Ice Tea but unfortunately the bartender messed it up and it was actually just 5 shots mixed in a glass which snuck up on me pretty bad.
For the evening, despite the food in the restaurant being great, we were stuck between the kids playing area despite being the only table without any children and a 'Lads on Tour' group of 18 dudes. Afterwards the usual happened except this time me and my gf fell asleep pretty quick and didn't wake each other up.

Thursday was mixed weather. After an attempt at archery (turns out I suck at it) the four of us went bowling (turns out i super suck at that).
Best part of that day was the spa afternoon me and my girlfriend took. 3 hours of multi national baths, saunas, showers and creams. I was so relaxed that when we exited and it rained, i gave her my coat and walked through it with a T Shirt and didn't care
We (read, everyone but dad) was too tired to go out that night so we just got pizza. After trying Hawaiian Pizza for the first time, I actually have no opinion of pineapple as a topping.
Another thing of note was the animal interaction. As Centre Parcs is in the middle of the woods, there's lots of wildlife. We encountered a doe and fed it from his hand. This means my dad - a typically grumpy workahollic is the closest thing my family has to a disney princess.

Friday we had to leave early so after packing and exiting the villa, mum went for a spa treatment so dad took the rest of us to badminton where he utterly thrashed us. But on the up side he bought us Kelly's Ice Cream after which was real good before we left around midday.

Only downside of it was apart from the non-forecasted rain most of the week, every group there brought a child from ages 0-3. Every one of them screamed. I'm not kidding, It was a non-stop cacophony of needy calls for attention and pettiness. Everything else was pretty dang great.
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  1. 4score7years's Avatar
    Sounds like a pretty great time. I'm glad everything went well!
  2. SleepMode's Avatar
    Screaming toddlers aside, it's always nice to hang out with the family for a whole week!
    Updated May 22nd, 2017 at 12:17 AM by SleepMode
  3. sherlock1110's Avatar
    Ugh, Children. (Incredibly constructive comment) Walking is fun but it's difficult in the UK with this... special weather.