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魔術を起動させるための基盤。生き物が持つ擬似神経であり、一種の内臓。生命力を魔力に変換する路にして、 基になる大魔術式に繋がる路。回路を励起させると痛みを伴う。個人によって生まれ付き数が決まっており、失 った魔術回路は再生することがない。魔術回路が多いほど優秀な魔術師になる。代を重ねる毎に優秀な魔術師を 輩出する傾向があるため、魔術師は血統を重視する。 The basis for activating thaumaturgy. Para-nerves possessed by living creatures, a type of internal organ. Establishing a way to convert one's vitality into magical energy, the underlying means to gain access to a great number of thaumaturgical expressions. Pain is involved when the Circuits are stirred into action. The inherited number of Circuits varies with every individual. Lost Circuits cannot be regenerated. The more Magic Circuits one has, the more capable they are as a magus. In order to trend the production of excellent magi per generation, magi take their lineages very seriously.
魔術師の家系が持つ遺産。生涯を以って鍛え上げ、固定化(安定化)した神秘を刻印にし、子孫に遺したもの。 魔道書にも例えられ、データベースであるだけでなく、モノによっては刻印自体が術者を補助するよう独自に詠 唱を行ったりする事も可能。本人が習得していない魔術でも式に魔力を走らせれば行使できる。魔術回路同様、 発動中は肉体の痛みを伴う。
その血統の歴史全てが刻まれているといっても過言ではなく、魔術刻印を継承した魔術師は一族の無念を背負っ て、次の後継者に刻印を譲り渡さねばならない。ある意味、代を重ねて重みを増していく呪いと言える。複製は 不可能で、魔術師の家門が原則一子相伝なのは魔術刻印を引き継げるのは一人だけなため。魔術刻印の移植は他 人の肉体を移植する事であるため体の負担を軽減するために第二次性徴が完了するまでの間に段階的に行うのが 好ましいとされ、移植直後は体に馴染まず疼き続け、その後も移植者と刻印の周期が合わないと体調を崩す事が ある。
A birthright obtained in a family of magi. Developing it throughout their lives, concentrating [stabilizing] mysteries and engraving them into it, the Crest is what they leave their offspring with. Very much like a grimoire, more than just a database. These make it possible for the Crest itself to carry out incantations on its own to assist the practitioner. Even thaumaturgy unknown to the person themselves can be employed if they send magical energy into an expression. Just like Magic Circuits, operating a Magic Crest brings pain to the person's body.

The entire history of one's lineage being carved into the Crest is not an exaggeration to say. The magus who succeeds the Magic Crest carries the anguish of their entire family, and must pass the Crest onto the next successor. In a sense, it is considered to be a curse that grows in weight with every generation produced. Since duplication is impossible, a family generally restricts their Crest's successor to just one person so that only one person has it. The affixation of a Magic Crest requires its transfer to another person's body. In order to do so, its burden on the body must be kept at minimum, therefore carrying out as far as the completion of a secondary sex characteristic in separate stages is agreeable. Right after the transfer, the Magic Crest will continue to ache without getting accustomed to the person's body, and it will tear down their physical condition if they cannot be in-tune with it.
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