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How Beat's Lair Saved Me From Completely Hating the Type Moon Fandom!

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Hi all Beast Lair readers, I'm going to tell you a little story. I initially tried to watch Fate/Stay Night 2006, but since i prefer dubbing over subbing I didn't watch it, but I always thought the story idea was interesting. Sometime later I saw Fate/Zero on Crackle and tried the first episode and was so disturbed by what happened to Sakura I almost dropped it, but then I saw the Dub on Netflix and watched the entire thing. Loved it, and when they put up Unlimited Blade Works 2014, I watched it and loved it too. Then I went back and watched Fate/Stay Night 2006 and loved it too! Started reading the VN, still working through the Fate route. I can watch Fate stuff dubbed or subbed, except Kalied Liner subbed all the way, that dub is just blurgh!

I decided to try my hand at Fate fanfiction and started writing a little fanfic called "Path of the Broken Mage" and I've had the worst experience with the fandom because of this fanfic, so now I expect everyone to be pissed off at me. The negative feedback has gotten to me because I've been dealing with it for over a year, one fan actually made me cry, stupid jerk. Interacting with people regarding this fic has turned me into Fate's worst sourpuss.

I have been told to "Harden the Fuck up" but I've been putting up with criticism for a year and I'm tired. I just want to have fun in the the up Nasuverse fandom for awhile. I'm tired of holding the flame shield over my head. The fanbase has soured me so much I'm turning into the Archer of the fandom. I'm immensely cynical when it comes to interacting with Fate fans and I'm really nervous about posting any fanfic here. People say "Put up the flame shield" as a joke, but there's only so much the flame shield can take before it breaks. Mine broke and I'm too tired to keep holding it up. I'm just happy they haven't soured me against the actual franchise! I find it so hard to interact with fans when half of them bite my head off over something as silly as an Alternate Universe fanfic.

I really HATED this fandom I really did, not all of you; I just want you Type Lunatics to leave me be! I get so frustrated when I canít even have fun anymore. Itís gotten so bad, almost all of my experiences in the Fate fandom are negative, and all I want to do is write some Fate fanfic and have fun!

I donít even look forward to reviews for this story anymore. I donít even want to look at them anymore. I know I have to because feedback helps, but thereís only so much written abuse that I can put up with before I rage quit writing.

I canít really talk to people about Fate, because I donít think the Studio Deen adaptation is as bad as everyone says. I love all the adaptations and yes, I am reading the VN!

I donít look forward to reviews for this story, because it makes me dread all the flak I get from people. I have four Fate stories up and this is the only one that people nitpick over.

This is the most awful experience Iíve EVER HAD IN A FANDOM! Iíd rather be stuck in a room full of Star Wars Prequel haters than deal with Type Lunatics, at least I can talk to them about Star Wars! Just let me write in peace will you! I wonít be quitting, but I feel like the only time I enjoy Fate related stuff anymore, is when Iím watching all the anime by myself, and I wish I could actually feel like I was a part of this community, but I feel like I canít do anything right with this story, someoneís always having a cow, and Iím really sick of it! This is the worst fanbase ever! I understand if you unfavorite this story or unfollow.

The Fate fan dumb has made me hate the fandom (but not all of you)! Iím deeply soured in my opinion of this fandom, and Iím very lucky it hasnít seeped into how I actually feel about Fate/Stay Night!

Iím not responding to Reviews in authorís notes, because Iím too pissed off!

I want to thank the 324 Favorites and the 416 followers of this story, because sometimes I feel like all I get is hatred from fans because of how I write, sometimes I forget that people do like this story.

I feel like an awful fan, because all I want to do when I interact with this fandom is troll all the fans because Iíve had such awful interactions with this fandom.

Currently listening to ďKishi Ou no HokoriĒ from Fate/Stay Night 2006 to make myself feel a little less upset. Gonna go back to my Fate/Stay Night route anime marathon too. Itíll take me back to my only Fate happy place, because interacting with people when it comes to this fanfic sure isnít a happy place for me!

I was told that I should just "harden the fuck up", well I've been dealing with criticism for one fanfic for over a year now, and the fanbase reviewing my fic is so awful that they've sucked the joy out of writing a story that I love writing. It's easy to say "Toughen up" when you're not dealing with Nasuverse fans who can be very opinionated and they're constantly nitpicking every little thing about something that is, you know, A HOBBY!

I try to keep it in canon as much as possible but it's difficult when not a lot of supplemental material is licensed and I'm very skeptical about fan translations. And there's only so much criticism and constant repetitions of being told how to write and what I wrote wrong, what Shirou can't do and how he should be that I broke down and had a good cry last night.I broke down because I was really excited to start writing last night and here's what I see:


Look, the reason you're getting so many complaints about this story is that it reads like a damn SI. There's no concrete backstory for Shirou having suddenly and completely acquired knowledge of all the inner trappings of medieval life and culture. He just kind of has that stuff, and the reader is expected to accept it when he takes actions based on that. Your Shirou attends Ren fairs and conventions and watches Star Wars. That's completely against canon - what would canon Shirou be doing at a Ren fair? But /you/ - you, who cite your own knowledge of this subject matter constantly...

Well. You would know, wouldn't you?
Path of the Broken Mage has never been a self insert fanfic, for one , I've never been to a Star Wars convention. I just thought I'd throw the reference in because in the fate adaptation Shirou and Saber do see a movie that looks a lot like Star Wars.

This was the last straw for me because the critical fans treat me like I'm stupid, that I don't know anything about the Nasuverse and that every chapter I've ever written for Path of the Broken Mage is crap. I don't just get these kinds of reviews every once in awhile, I get these every time I update my story!

That was yesterday.

Then I sign up for Beat's Lair, still terrified that I won't be able to interact with fans or post any of my fanfics here because my interactions with Type Lunatics has been so awful.

Fortunately, I've had a wonderful experience interacting with fandom here on Beast's Lair. This might be the only place I can feel I can interact with the Fate fandom without having my head bit off over fanfic.

While I still expect the fandom to crap on me for Path of the Broken Mage, my third most popular fanfic, I NEVER expect my fanfics to gaiin any real popularity in the fandoms I write for, but this one unexpectedly took off, but once I put up chapter five, the fan dumb started criticizing me. a lot.

It wasn't just "You write Shirou OOC" it was, "You have no grasp of the Nasuverse" and I try really hard to read up on stuff as much as I can!

at least I know that there's a place I ca go where Fate fans won't completely bite my head off. At least now I don't completely hate the fandom, and for that Beast's Lair community, ! will always be grateful! I have been saved by the kindness and niceness of fans in this community from becoming the Fate fandom's worst sourpuss! Thank you so much everyone!

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