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I rarely have the chance to say this but...

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Thank god, it wasn't cancer.

...that's good.


  1. Daiki's Avatar
    wait, what happened?
  2. Tobias's Avatar
    There was something on the inside of my mouth we had gradually been getting concerned about. Dentist gave me an anti bacterial was which didn't work. So he gave me an anti-fungal, which also didn't work, and we had been slowly whittling away the "non cancer" options over the last couple of months. We scheduled a biopsy with a specialist.

    biopsy guy actually decided not to biopsy because he knew what it was. Apparently the retainer I was wearing had a small lip which is catching the inside of my cheek and eventually created a scar. Seeing as how we didn't biopsy I suppose a better way of putting it is "it's probably not cancer" but dude was sure enough he decided a biopsy wouldn't even be needed, so.

    anyway, had been anxiety inducing.
  3. Gaia's Avatar
    Phew, good news.
  4. Daiki's Avatar
    Glad it wasn't that then.
  5. Laserman's Avatar
    Glad you're okay.
  6. Draconic's Avatar
    I can imagine how worrying that must have been.

    Glad to know you're alright.
  7. Spartacus's Avatar
    Glad it was not the case.

    It is crazy how small thing like retainer can cause a problem. Sometimes the smallest mistake can be proven fatal, speaking from my own experience when I nearly fall down from a cliff because my safety shoes a bit loose. Be careful from what you are wearing! (really)