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I have fallen...

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Just like Solomon been seduced by his waifu and lost his way.

I lost my way to the charms of virtual waifus.

In other word- I become a whale in FGO.

Nearly 1 year and a half I vowed to myself for never spending money again since failed rolling Gil after a few pack. I give an exception that if it guaranteed gacha, it's okay to spend money if it guaranteed.

However, during early January- I started to buy a single pack of quartz every time a new gacha appear, I think that's when King Hassan gacha.

There is a reason behind this. Few did know I working overseas, far from my home, even most of the time I spent my life in some local houses instead of my apartment. Originally, I am very crazy about buying action figures, gunplas and games, due to the reason above and the nature of my job, I practically don't know how to spend all of my money that I earn. (because it's pointless buying toys when you rarely go home to see them)

So where all this money will go, I ask myself? I did have a dream since childhood to buy the beautiful work of art, the prettiest car I ever seen- Audi R8. But, it will take decade with my current salary. So my hand just slipped off when that super badass Arab dude, King Hassan become rollable. Then, I just roll with it and keep buying quartz every time a new guy appear.

Just wanted to share, it super pointless but I don't care!


  1. Mcjon01's Avatar
    One quartz pack for every new gacha is practically F2P tbqh
  2. Spartacus's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Mcjon01
    One quartz pack for every new gacha is practically F2P tbqh
    True, but I'm going all out during KH, Holmes and Summer 2016 gacha, I think I bought like 4 pack each.
  3. Huitante's Avatar
    Idk man, fgo boys are just so subpar

    On the other hand, so are cars

    Nothing worth anything, tbh